microlearning is the future of company training

Future of Microlearning

Company training is hard – and that’s just for the people who partake in it. For the HR people and L&D professionals that organize it, the levels of complexity and frustration are even higher. Things have been like this since eLearning began: computerizing everything should have boosted efficiency but it dropped effectiveness and increased the cost and complexity of course creation. Matters must change, so let’s look at the future of company training.

Here are the primary issues that need to be improved with company training:

Onboarding – Finding people, hoping that they’ll actually take the job after accepting it, getting them settled, and making sure they’re quickly up to speed involves serious planning and can impact many people.

Delivering training information – Do you get learners into one place with a special, company trainer? Will you expect everyone in a group to learn at their own pace? Can you easily send them a large eLearning course?

Creating coursewareauthoring tool software is complicated to use and manage. Traditional eLearning typically sees this outsourced to third-party companies. It takes a long time and is very difficult to update. If courseware is subscribed to, it’s often on a one-size-fits-all basis: the company training does not represent personalized learning.

So, why is microlearning the future of company training?

1. Microlearning lessons are small, easy-to-digest, effective, and easy to distribute to everyone’s mobile phones. This means you can teach old and young alike and start to onboard people before they even start work.

2. Microlearning can be easily distributed, via a phone app, anywhere in the world via the cloud. Cloud translation tools can even create one-click translations to deal with multilingual workforces.

3. Microlearning can be template-driven making it simple for non-specialists to create courseware. Consequently, it’s simple to create elaborate, interactive microlearning and even gamify it – simply by uploading learning material that you already have into templates.

Want to be part of the future of company training?

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