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Super. Crucial. Human

Have you read Cheryl Cran's new groundbreaking work, 'Super. Crucial. Human'? In this course, we'll delve into what Cheryl Cran identifies as the four super crucial skills--Compassion, Conscious Communication, Creativity, and Collaboration-- that you need to future-proof your leadership capabilities.
5 lessons
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Mental Health in the Workplace

This course aims to shed light on mental health issues, empower leaders and managers to spot the signs of mental health issues, know how to prevent & intervene when necessary, and how to maintain a culture where all employees are supported and empowered to thrive in the workplace.
4 lessons
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Personal and Team Resilience

Workplaces are dynamic and ever-changing, it can often be stressful and present challenging difficult situations. This course aims to equip both leaders and employees alike with the necessary basic skills in handling whatever life and work throw your way and emerge wiser, stronger, and more positive than ever.
4 lessons
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Leadership Strategy

In changing times, an organisation's leadership strategy also needs to change. Through this lesson, you will learn about the definition of leadership strategy, its importance, the essential skills and qualities of a strategic leader, specific leadership strategies needed to adapt to changes, and how some companies specifically adjusted their leadership strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
4 lessons

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