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The dishwasher is the backbone of the kitchen. We depend on you! The dishes are the bridge between the kitchen and the dining room. Learn how we make our dishwashing process effective and efficient.
5 lessons
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Food Poisoning (Foodborne Illnesses)

In this HACCP-approved course, you will learn about food poisoning, its types and causes, and the steps you must take in order to prevent foodborne illnesses.
3 lessons
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The Art of Bussing

This course takes you through the basic functions and responsibilities of a busser and ways on how you can develop your skills in different areas of responsibility, such as table clearing and dish washing.
5 lessons
in partnership

The Bar World of Tomorrow

Raise the bar - bringing you into the future sustainably, humanely and responsibly. This training course, developed in collaboration with Pernod Ricard, Trash Collective and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, focuses on relevant and practical learnings to inspire the bartending community and help build a greener, more responsible and inclusive bar world. Directly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it covers all aspects of sustainability and responsibility from fresh ingredient sourcing, waste management, saving water and energy to staff wellbeing and the responsible serving of alcoholic beverages. The modules are based on five pillars (brands, sourcing, service, bar and staff) available in English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, German, Turkish and French. Accessible from the Pernod Ricard section of the EdApp Content Library.
14 lessons

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