Top 10 Sexual Harassment Training Courses

Top 10 Sexual Harassment Training Courses

Sexual harassment in the workplace is prevalent yet not openly talked about. Women and men alike experience sexual harassment but not that many organizations provide training to identify, report, or prevent it. It may be because not everyone is comfortable talking about it. But by continuing to be silent about this, victims continue to suffer. 

Not everyone reports sexual harassment due to a variety of factors but mostly because they are not well enough informed of what constitutes sexual harassment and what their rights are when it comes to this. There is also the fear that they would be mocked or not taken seriously by the superiors or co-workers. 

When it’s not mitigated, sexual harassment results in trauma, absenteeism, disengagement at work, and resignation. It’s also a criminal offense and, when not addressed properly, there is a possibility that it could lead to lawsuits. This may affect the performance of employees involved or their at-work friends, which can be detrimental to the business operations.

That is why organizations must take initiative to lead a healthy conversation about sexual harassment to affirm the employees that it is okay for them to engage in a conversation. If employees are not encouraged to be more open to this type of discussion, they won’t know the proper actions or the proper avenue to voice their concerns. 

To prevent any of these scenarios from happening, it is important to foster a safe and healthy workplace environment built on trust and respect. This will boost workplace employee morale, productivity, and overall satisfaction. By providing sexual harassment training programs to your teams, they will feel empowered, valued, and safe. 

Fortunately, there are several courses offered on-site and online that include informative lessons about harassment in the workplace. Depending on your organizational needs, there are a variety of courses to choose from. Here are the top 10 sexual harassment training courses available.

1. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (EdApp)

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace course made by EdApp is available for free. It includes 4 lessons. Managers can either immediately deploy or edit the course to be suited for your organization then launch. 

Sexual Harassment Training Course - EdApp

By the end of the course, you’ll learn what constitutes sexual harassment – its signs and effects. You will also learn the proper actions that you can take when found in a compromising situation. With these in mind, the course will guide you through how to analyze and formulate strategies for future scenarios. You will also receive a certificate upon completion.

This interactive, microlearning training can be completed on the go, as it is a mobile-first platform. Learn anytime at your own pace.

Key Learning: Sexual harassment facts, consequences, strategy
Length: Self-paced
Cost: Free

2. Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual Harassment at Work course by THE BAMBOO TREE is available for free. While it is designed for Australian businesses, the general content applies to all. As an EdApp course, it is also editable to better suit your organizational needs. 

Sexual Harassment Training Course - The Bamboo Tree

The course consists of 3 lessons: statistics about sexual harassment at work, the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment in Australia, and prevention and intervention strategies for sexual harassment at work. To establish the reliability of the information, the content is based on a study by the Australian Human Rights Commission. A completion certificate is issued to course takers.

This interactive, microlearning training can be completed on the go, as it is a mobile-first platform. Learn anytime at your own pace.

Key learning: Sexual harassment facts, prevention, compliance
Length: Self-paced
Cost: Free

3. Preventing Workplace Harassment (Emtrain)

Preventing Workplace Harassment is a course offered by Emtrain. It highlights the behavioral nuances that surround harassment in the workplace. Your teams are taught how to address inappropriate conduct and uncover concealed issues. By training employees on how to identify signs of harassment, they could turn from bystanders into upstanders who call out improper behavior. Emtrain offers the course in two languages which are in English and Spanish. There are 2 course versions for managers and employees.

Sexual Harassment Training Course - Preventing Workplace Harassment (Emtrain)

Key learning: Sexual harassment prevention
Length: 35 mins – 2 hours (timed or untimed)
Cost: Free demo

4. Sexual Harassment Training (

Sexual Harassment Training by SexualHarassmentTraining is a training platform that makes compliance accessible and convenient. It discusses the different forms of unwelcome sexual advances may it be physical or verbal. There are 2 course versions – one for managers and one for employees. There are also 2 types of certifications, one for individuals and another for organizations, which are both nationally-recognized certificates in the US for 2 years. SexualHarassmentTraining could accommodate organizations with their quotation when enrolling big groups in this training. The language options are English and Spanish.

Sexual Harassment Course - Sexual Harassment Training (

Key learning: Sexual harassment and compliance
Length: 1 hour (managers/supervisors), 2 hours (employees)
Cost: $29.99 USD

5. Preventing Workplace Harassment (Universal Class)

Preventing Workplace Harassment by Universal Class is an online course about different types of harassment you can experience in a workplace setting. It includes 15 lessons on how to identify it, the different avenues of how to approach it, and a quiz after every lesson. Please note lesson 6 is dedicated purely to sexual harassment.  Universal Class provides a completion certificate that is IACET accredited.

Sexual Training - Preventing Workplace Harassment (Universal Class)

Key learning: Workplace harassment, taking action
Length: 7 hours average time for 15 lessons
Cost: $50.00 USD (no certificate) , $75.00 USD (with certificate)

6. Preventing Harassment in the Workplace (LinkedIn Learning)

Preventing Harassment in the Workplace course on LinkedIn Learning defines sexual harassment and discusses, the reality of harassment, preventing harassment through organizational culture, and preventing harassment through interpersonal skills. This course includes a series of short videos in each lesson. The instructor will also provide exercise files that will supplement your team’s learning.

Free Workplace Harassment Training - Preventing Harassment in the Workplace (LinkedIn Learning)

Key learning: Sexual harassment, prevention
Length: 57 minutes
Cost: Free trial, paid course

7. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Compliance Training Group)

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by Compliance Training Group defines the difference between harassment and sexual harassment and dives into how to prevent sexual harassment from happening. Learners have a choice between onsite and on-site learning, whichever is convenient. A final test is conducted as well upon completion. 

Sexual Harassment Training - Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Compliance Training Group)

Key learning: Sexual harassment, prevention, compliance
Length: 1 hour (employee), 2 hours (managers)
Cost: $19.99, $39.99 USD

8. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Rise)

Rise’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is a straightforward and interactive approach to impart information about harassment. It is a self-administered course that has 13 lessons that you can complete at your own pace. The content includes an introduction to harassment & discrimination, sexual harassment, training for supervisors, and a quiz to solidify the course learnings. This course emphasizes building a respectful workplace as the very foundation of preventing sexual harassment.

Best Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Rise)

Key learning: Sexual harassment, effects, prevention
Length: Self-paced
Cost: Free

9. Sexual Harassment Training for Employees (High Speed Training)

Sexual Harassment Training Course for Employees by High Speed Training describes what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace. The content includes what sexual harassment is, what the signs are, and what policies or procedures need to be in place to prevent it. It outlines dangerous behaviors, risks, and indicating factors. In addition to interactive slides, this course also offers audio voiceover for auditory learners. A final exam is conducted and when passed, a certificate is issued.

Free Sexual Harassment Training - Sexual Harassment Training for Employees (High Speed Training)

Key learning: Sexual harassment, signs, procedures
Length: 1-2 hours
Cost: Free demo, £25.00 + VAT

10. Preventing Sexual Harassment (360training)

Preventing Sexual Harassment by 360training is an HR compliance course that dives into sexual harassment and discrimination prevention strategy. This sexual harassment training course breaks down why these issues occur in the workplace, how to deal with persistent harassing behavior and how to report it. It also outlines a manager’s responsibilities in creating a safe work environment, as well as how to handle and investigate a harassment complaint. Upon completion, you will receive a completion certificate.

Sexual Harassment Course - Preventing Sexual Harassment (360training)

In addition to sexual harassment prevention, there are also modules covering other business ethics concepts, like open-door policies, discrimination, bullying, and how to best include people with disabilities in your workplace.

Key learning: Sexual harassment and discrimination prevention strategies
Length: 2 hours
Cost: $30.00 USD

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