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Easily create beautiful microlearning content for your teams.

Editable Course Library

Quickly import, edit and deploy a course to your team with a click of a button.

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Built-in administration suite for all your reporting and management needs.

Mobile Learner App

Complete training on-the-go with our mobile first platform for learners.

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“During Covid, we had to pivot very quickly to virtual and digital. Because we already had EdApp in place, we could take content that we had done in face-to-face sessions and create a digital course.”

Jennifer Siu

Manager (Leadership and Learning)


“Some of our learners have sent emails to me saying how much they enjoy the process and they never thought learning could be that fun and they very much like the prizes.”

Avis Lau

Global Marketing Excellence Manager


“With the click of a button, we were able to easily translate Dunhill courseware within minutes, which saved us hours of manual translation work.”

Ben Nutall

Global Marketing Manager

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Our clients
Our clients

Trade in your training

Trade in your training

Easy Authoring Tool

Our agile, easy-to-use authoring tool enables you to easily create engaging and effective microlearning courses that have – on average – an 80 per cent completion rate. Simply select one of our content templates or use the SCORM upload for your already-created eLearning lessons to quickly create a course within minutes and hours, not weeks and months.

“Since EdApp is so easy to navigate and use, our teams have been able to create, personalize, and deploy high-quality lessons very quickly.”

– Nigel Gan, Training Specialist and Portfolio Manager, UNITAR

Authoring Tool

Editable Course Library

Starting from scratch? Not anymore. We have hundreds of free, regularly updated courses in our library from the world’s leading thought leaders, like the United Nations. Import and deploy any course immediately, or edit it to create highly relevant content for your team.

Editable Course Library

Full Featured LMS

Our in-built administration suite gives you full control and flexibility over integrations, user management, course management – including playlists and completion certificates, branding, cloud translation, and analytics – including manager reports, actionable reports, and push notifications. Get vital content to your team in real time!

“EdApp is clearly a pioneer in imagining a mobile LMS. While its end-users are typically corporations, the platform and its APIs [is] so flexible that we – as a corporate training provider – were able to use EdApp as our primary publishing platform.”

– Chris McConnell, Director of Program Management & Operations, Excedo

Full Featured LMS

Learner App

Learn anytime, anywhere. No more boring hour-long training sessions in back offices, sales floors, conference rooms, and over video calls. Our mobile-first platform means that your team can easily complete lessons on-the-go, whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

“Superb bite-sized modules. Fast, easy, mobile, and a lot of fun.”

– Shell employee, EdApp Learner

Learner App

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Easy Authoring

Easy Authoring

Creating a course has never been easier! We have dozens of ready-to-use templates, PowerPoint conversion, and SCORM upload so you can quickly put together beautiful courses and train your teams whenever you need to.

Built-In AI Translation

Built-In AI Translation

Our cloud translation tool uses Google’s AutoML to enable global organizations to deploy courseware in multiple languages at scale. Combined with our rapid authoring, courseware can be translated and distributed in dozens of languages with just a click of a button.

Read-To-Deploy Course Library

Ready-To-Deploy Course Library

Starting from scratch? Not anymore. We have hundreds of free, regularly updated courses in our library that cover everything from data protection legislation to how to safely operate a forklift. Import and deploy any course immediately, or edit it to create highly relevant content for your team.

Customer First


We work closely with your team to design your ideal learning solution on EdApp from onboarding assistance to a 24/7 live chat with our customer success managers and account management for our Enterprise customers.

Powerpoint Conversion

Powerpoint Conversion

Get up and running in minutes! Simply upload your training slides and they will be converted into beautiful, mobile-first microlessons that your team will love! We also have SCORM upload for teams with existing training in another LMS.

Check Knowledge Retention

Check Knowledge Retention

Reinforce learning and check your team’s understanding from meetings, onboarding, and training using our quiz-making tool, Rapid Refresh. Add your questions and answers to our easy-to-complete spreadsheet, and deploy it to see where individual learners or your team may need additional help.

EdApp is easy to use and free for you and your team. No credit card required.

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Help us #EducateAll

As part of our mission to democratize learning, we’ve partnered with the United Nations to provide free access to our editable course library for individuals and small businesses looking to upskill themselves or further their education. 

With this initiative, we’re empowering and educating millions of learners around the world, including those who may not typically have access to education through both online and offline mobile courses. Discover how you can help the #EducateAll movement.


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