Microlearning: A lesson a day

Bite sized lessons for better message retention.

Ed & Microlearning

The core principle of microlearning is to provide learners with daily, bite-sized bursts of content. Learning small pieces of information at a higher frequency is clinically proven to be better for retention than large pieces of information at a low frequency. This is especially true when combining microlearning with spaced repetition.

Ed and Microlearning

Why Microlearning?

The workplace is evolving, and your training should too. Ed is the perfect solution to tap into the needs of a shifting learning environment.

Enormous growth of the smartphone

Enormous growth of the smartphone

Make your learning available anytime, anywhere.

Growth of millenials in the workplace

Growth of millenials in the workplace

Deliver the modern experience your workforce expects.

Flexibility to deliver personalised learning

Flexibility to deliver personalised learning

Easily manage bite-sized learning for on an individual level.

Learning is better bite-sized

Learning is better bite-sized

We recommend breaking up content into microlessons that last no longer than a few minutes. Not only will it deliver more effective learning outcomes, it's easier to author and engage with. When combined with delivery on thier smartphones, your learners truly have the freedom to engage anytime, anywhere.