EdApp & Marley Spoon

A Food Services Case Study

This is how Marley Spoon leveraged EdApp to onboard hundreds of new employees to support the unprecedented growth brought on by COVID-19.

Onboarding hundreds of new team members during COVID-19

Marley Spoon typically onboards new staff with face-to-face training, complemented by surveys. Since COVID-19, however, more people opted to order fresh ingredients to their doors, which resulted in a tremendous surge in demand.

As an essential business provider, Marley Spoon was able to hire the largest amount of staff in the smallest amount of time on record. Since classroom training was no longer a viable option, Marley Spoon required a solution that could easily onboard and train their hundreds of new team members efficiently and effectively.

Deploying lesson content quickly and easily

EdApp facilitated Marley Spoon’s influx of new starters by reaching and training every new team member on crucial information. Before the implementation of EdApp, this would not have been possible to achieve at scale and in such a short period of time. While representing Marley Spon’s strong brand identity, EdApp enabled the delivery of vital information like food safety and procedures.


EdApp allows for a more modern learning approach where our learners and our team members can access the materials anytime, anywhere.
Aga Strzemeska, Head of People Operations, Marley Spoon

An enhanced learning experience with EdApp

Marley Spoon has a large number of team members, who are divided into various sub-departments, meaning certain courses are targetted to train specific groups. Utilising EdApp’s features like User Groups and Push Notifications has enabled Marley Spoon to easily create and share content with these unique groups. When new content is ready, learners are notified in real-time with a push notification, sent straight to their mobile devices. Marley Spoon also incentivises its team members through EdApp’s built-in prizing feature. It sparks some friendly competition and winners are rewarded with real prizes.

Having our content on EdApp has made it more engaging, more fun, and more interactive.

Why EdApp works for the food delivery and food manufacturing industries

For companies like Marley Spoon who are dealing with food, health and safety is always a priority. EdApp microlessons allow learners to complete important lessons anytime, anywhere in small, digestible chunks. What’s more, content can be revisited regularly to ensure processes are completed and, more importantly, understood.

Whether employees are on-site at production centres, out delivering product or at the office, dispersed teams can complete their EdApp microlessons in five minutes or so, and revisit when it suits them. Lessons can be created, edited, and deployed to cohorts ensuring that all team members have the most up-to-date content at all times. The best part? All this can be done on learners’ mobile devices.

Marley spoon and EdApp courseware

Food business and manufacturing are very fast-paced environments. So having a product [like EdApp] that can keep up with these changes is extremely valuable.

Why EdApp?

Rapid authoring and micro learning

World-class Authoring Tool

Create lessons on EdApp’s intuitive and incredibly agile platform in days. Choose from 2 template libraries, full of completely free and ready-made content ready for you to quickly edit, brand, and deploy. No prior technical knowledge needed. it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Growth of millennials in the workplace requires microlearning

Mobile-first microlearning

Deliver a learning strategy that provides the best learning outcomes with microlearning. Leverage interactive, built-in features guaranteed to boost engagement and completion rates. Deploy your bespoke content to your teams directly to their personal mobile devices, where they can easily access and complete lessons in small digestible chunks.

Flexibility to deliver personalised learning

Better learning outcomes

Experience completion rates beyond 90% compared to rates as low as 15% from traditional eLearning platforms. Apply features like spaced repetition and gamification to make learning fun and enjoyable while simultaneously increasing retention and creating a continuous learning experience.

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