Excedo and EdApp: Enabling professionals to work globally
From Asia to South America

Hear from Excedo panellists and experts from around the globe and learn how the EdApp platform facilitates their learning solution at scale.

Hear from Excedo panellists and experts from around the globe and learn how the EdApp platform facilitates their learning solution at scale.

Christoph Grau

Chief Operations Officer and Founder (Switzerland)

Marek Kowal

Chief Technology Officer (Poland)

Chris McConnell

Director, Program Management & Operations (The United States)

Diego Palencia

Chief Financial Officer (The United Kingdom)

Hideto Ide

Program Manager (Japan)

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Business communication training

Excedo enables professionals to communicate with impact when doing business in English around the world. Excedo has been developed by Nikkei and the Financial Times, two of the world’s leading business news organisations.

Easy authoring and delivery at scale

The Excedo team values the effectiveness of microlearning. With the learning platform's easy authoring tool, delivery, and API capabilities, EdApp became Excedo's primary publishing platform.

EdApp is clearly a pioneer in imagining a mobile LMS. While its end-users are typically corporations, the platform and its APIs turned out to be so flexible that we, as a corporate training provider, were able to use EdApp as our primary publishing platform.
Chris McConnell, Director of Program Management & Operations, Excedo

Excedo: A team of education specialists

Having worked with prestigious educational publishers around the globe including Pearson, Macmillan Education, and Cambridge University Press, Excedo is made up of language learning experts, communication coaches, content writers, and software developers. The Excedo team currently consists of 11 nationalities based in 10 different countries across 4 continents.

Seamless blended learning

Excedo consists of 3 different learning experiences. Via EdApp, they deliver 5-minute microlessons to learn about cross-cultural differences and specific business communication skills. After completing EdApp microlessons, learners then move on to live-chat and video call learning experiences. In the video call, learners meet the Excedo coaches to practice business communication skills.

Interactive microlearning and spaced repetition

Excedo easily delivers highly engaging lessons through EdApp’s powerful authoring tool and an extensive library of templates. EdApp’s built-in features like spaced repetition ensure that knowledge is fully embedded in long-term memory through automated delivery at deliberate intervals.

Mobile-first training around the world

Excedo is the ideal solution for professionals who are preparing for their international assignments. With the use of EdApp, professionals can complete microlessons in as little as 5 minutes, which fits into their fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyles. After initial success in Japan, Excedo is now expanding its business across Central and South America, as well as into other parts of Asia.

Our business professionals don’t have the time to sit through lengthy eLearning sessions, so having a mobile-first microlearning platform makes sense. It gives our learners the freedom to complete courseware wherever they are, in as little as 5 minutes from their smartphones.
Hideto Ide, Program Manager, Excedo

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Smooth integration

Excedo leverages EdApp’s integration capabilities to fit into their blended learning solution. Excedo’s app easily incorporates EdApp for effortless integration and the secure exchange of analytical information.

Effective learning results

In comparison to any other players in the market, Excedo reaches "astonishing results" with an average completion rate of 80%. Meaning, thousands of learners complete their microlessons on time.

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