Mobile Learning: What is it?

Take your training and development further with a platform designed specifically for mobile learning.

At work employees spend more time on their phone than at a PC, and when asked, most millennials say their smartphone never leaves their side. Companies are looking for a mobile learning management system to meet this change in preference, and Ed’s mobile LMS is here to help.

Why use a mobile-first learning management system?

Using Ed’s mobile LMS is more than just moving away from the PC. It’s a mobile learning management system that uses smartphone technology for learning strategies that provide better results than desktop eLearning. It’s also about being able to use gamification to motivate learners in a way that feels natural to them, and make sure they genuinely enjoy lessons. Deliver motivating prizes and achievements directly to learners, and let them redeem actual rewards for their hard work.

Ed is compatible with Android and Apple devices. It’s also accessible on any modern web browser, giving you total flexibility when it comes to lesson delivery.

Daily notifications

When set up with Ed, Microlessons are downloaded straight to users’ smartphones so they can learn at a time that suits them best. Learners also receive notifications as soon as new lessons are available, so they’ll have access to the latest lesson content right at their fingertips.

These twice-daily notifications allow learners to dive straight back into your workplace’s courseware. Delivered at opportune times throughout the day, the push notifications also remind your learners about any prizes that are available – ensuring they are continually motivated to engage with and complete courses.

And don’t worry – we’ll only send the notifications when learners opt-in during setup, and only when they have unseen lessons or prizes available to them.

Why use a mobile first learning management system?

Your learning is always up‑to‑date

With Ed’s rapid authoring tool, we ensure our customers can give their employees new information as soon as it becomes available. Your learners will always be armed and ready with everything they need to know, when they need to know it. No other platform offers such rapid, fully‑featured authoring.

The average traditional eLearning course takes months to develop – with Ed’s rapid authoring tool, you can develop an entire course in just a few days, ready to be sent out to learners straight away. Just because it’s fast, though, doesn’t make it bare‑bones – Ed features a rich array of learning templates.

With Ed, updating old courses with new information can be done in just a few minutes. Better yet, no knowledge of coding, scripting, or any other complex concepts is required. There’s no need to get any external contractors or agencies involved in the process, saving you time, money and stress.

Rise of millennials in the workplace

Smartphone market penetration is strongest among millennials, an age group that is rapidly moving from education into the workplace. This generation is finishing their education with more qualifications than any other. Over 97% of millennials own a smartphone, too. By implementing Ed for your employees, your learning is agile and well-suited to this new generation – giving them a familiar delivery mechanism they’ll appreciate and actually want to use.

Content is delivered directly into learners’ hands, with smartphone-friendly interactions that millennial learners will instantly know how to use. Using Ed, you can train your millennial employees using technology that they’re familiar with, and empower your employees to become the leaders, managers and decision-makers of the future.

Employee turnover is expensive for employers, and over a quarter of surveyed employees cite a lack of opportunities for growth as a key reason for leaving an employer. Traditional eLearning is infamous for being cumbersome and inaccessible. As it is often based on antiquated technologies, it is incompatible with modern smartphones and tablets. Ask yourself if your eLearning is agile. If learners feel that their eLearning is adapted to their lifestyle, they’ll want to complete it – if not, it might be best to update to a modern, cost-effective, mobile-first solution like Ed.

By your side, from day one

From the moment you on-board an employee, they can sign up to Ed and become a learner, with on‑boarding training they can take with them. On their way home, they can review with a quick booster lesson as they reflect on their day.

Experienced employees benefit too, with product training that can keep in step with a constantly evolving marketplace. They are able to learn, review and become more competent sales associates with just a few taps each day. Employees will constantly be empowered to improve, even when they’re not at their posts.

With prize-based motivation delivered directly to their devices, learners will be motivated to return over and over to the app and review past content to earn all available rewards. By visiting the Star Bar on their devices, learners can see upcoming prizes, and rewards recently won by their peers – giving them extrinsic motivation to continue with their learning. The Star Bar motivates learners to complete all available lessons, and encourages friendly competition among staff members.

Simple to manage m-learning

Managers can view progress directly from the web-based analytics portal, with detailed data delivering the information they need to encourage and motivate their teams. A holistic learning and development solution like Ed is a recipe for a learning-driven work culture.

An intuitive, mobile-focused suite of lessons delivered straight to their devices means training is something your learners will want to complete. Notifications can be sent to learners when new content is available, so managers can encourage participation when they need to. Important lessons can also be repeated over time, harnessing the proven methodology of Spaced Repetition.

Responsive design

Responsive design

All learning content created with Ed will work on desktop browsers, tablet devices like iPads, and anything in between. That’s because Ed’s templates were all designed to respond and adapt to any screen they’re displayed on. You don’t need to do anything at all – our product just works seamlessly on any device your learners use.

When designing lessons, authors can preview content on any device size they choose, letting them see exactly what learners will see. This means that no matter what device your learners use, Ed is compatible with them all – and authors have the power to ensure their lessons will look beautiful for learners, no matter the screen size.

Ed’s mobile app is compatible with a huge range of devices, including all modern web browsers, iOS, Android phones and Android tablets. Ed’s Rapid Authoring Tool is accessible from modern web browsers, meaning authors can create rich, dynamic lessons without installing any additional software.

Rich media

By taking advantage of smartphone technology, rich media and online content can be included in microlessons. Effortlessly include video content in your lessons, or create better, more engaging reinforcements using attention-grabbing images. Ed gives you the power to include online content too, like YouTube or Vimeo videos, with a few clicks.

Learners will be warned before any lesson that has audio content in it, so they can prepare their environment for this type of learning. They will be able to rewind, fast-forward and pause any video included in a lesson. Authors can even include video content in reinforcements – allowing a style of interaction only available on a modern Learning Management System.

Multimedia content can be used to show off your latest products or display correct procedures. Engage your learners with more than just text and images – video on Ed allows your learners to gain even more from their eLearning, and it couldn’t be simpler to upload. Just drag and drop your video into the authoring tool, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A mobile learning-driven work culture

Using Ed, you can establish a work culture that is constantly improving. The ever-increasing number of millennial employees is establishing an ever-increasing need for agile learning and development. Ed’s fun, engaging and simple to use platform will foster intrinsic motivation for your staff to increase their competencies, and deliver extrinsic motivation through real rewards and prizes.

Use multimedia, reminders and other advanced learning features to engage and develop your workforce like never before possible.

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