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Defeat writer’s block once and for all with AI Create

No more staring at a blinking cursor. Save time and brain power with AI Create. Create courses in a click of a button – no brainstorm, research, or strike of inspiration necessary. Just add your branding.

No more staring at a blinking cursor. Save time and brain power with AI Create:

Cut brainstorming time

Cut brainstorming
time for questions

Reduce research time

research time

Bite-sized information

Build with bite-sized

Start your course in the morning and deliver it that afternoon

Say goodbye to out-of-date courses. Choose from 80+ templates and enhance your learning with video, images, quizzes, games, assessments, and more. So your teams are up to date on what they need to know.

Easily creat and customize your lessons

Built and backed by learning science

The latest in learning, at your fingertips. Deliver courses designed with the latest learning strategies and trends in mind. So you can focus on impact, not research.

Built and backed by science

Create beautiful courses by default

No designer? No problem. Take your workplace learning to the next level with EdApp’s in-built template library, global branding, and custom CSS. So you build a perfect course everytime, no matter the device.

Create courses in minutes with EdAp's template library

And the best part? You’re never alone.

We’re here to help. We have an award-winning team of real people ready to answer your questions. So you can get back to creating the learning experience your teams deserve. 

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We love EdApp's creator tool because it's so quick and easy to use. We can create and deploy beautiful lessons that include important information to all of our external retail teams whenever we need.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device – all for free.

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Bring over what you’ve got

Already done the hard work? We can work with that. Use any of the tools below to make it pop.


Take what you have and turn it into what you need

Organize your existing content and add in what you’re missing to create the perfect course. Then, instantly translate it to your team’s preferred language.


Make it your own

Bring in your logos, colors, fonts, and brand style with in-built customization features. For courses that look and feel like you.


Build a deeper connection with workplace learning

Connect your teams and the power of mobile to drag, swipe, and tap your way to higher completion rates.