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A professional services case study

Discover how leading global provider Deloitte trains at scale with EdApp.

How EdApp fits into Deloitte’s learning ecosystem at scale

EdApp's highly versatile, lightweight, and powerful tool enables Deloitte to easily train within their blended learning ecosystem of face-to-face learning, virtual, and digital. Deloitte easily creates, edits, and deploys vital courseware to their dispersed workforce and seamlessly adapted to the COVID-19 climate by pivoting to EdApp.

Since EdApp is mobile-first, Deloitte learners have the freedom to complete important content from their smartphones, from wherever they are.

Deloitte's learning ecosystem

EdApp works extremely easily for our authors and trainers. It has capabilities that we’ve never seen.

Jennifer Siu, Manager (Leadership and Learning) at Deloitte

Transforming the way Deloitte trains over 10,500 employees

With their Respect at Deloitte course hosted on EdApp, all of Deloitte’s 10,500+ professionals successfully completed their courseware.

Along with receiving amazing feedback from their learners, key stakeholders, and executives, the leading global provider also saves exponential time with the help of EdApp. In fact, Deloitte has returned over 5,000 hours back to their people.

Some of Deloitte’s favourite EdApp features

Deloitte loves EdApp’s expansive collection of built-in features, including our Canva integration which gives them the ability to create and edit images at ease right from within the EdApp platform.

EdApp’s PowerPoint (PPT) conversion tool is also a favourite of Deloitte’s since PPT is heavily used in the professional industry. Because EdApp can transform training slides into engaging, beautiful microlessons, it has been a “huge win” for Deloitte. With the use of EdApp’s built-in features, thousands of hours have been saved.

Deloitte and EdApp: Mobile delivery with 99% positive feedback

Because EdApp is highly adaptable, the microlearning platform easily meets Deloitte’s needs through their systems, compliance, and security. Deloitte successfully deploys different lessons to different learner groups based on job level, business unit, and location through EdApp’s built-in feature.

Deloitte also notes that 99% of the time, learner feedback has been “amazing” because it gives their professionals the flexibility to carry out training how they prefer.

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EdApp has been amazing with Deloitte. They listen to our feedback, they help us, they guide us. The platform has been instrumental in how we deliver digital content and training.

Deloitte executives

Seamless integrations with platforms like SABA and EdCast

Deloitte values EdApp’s integration capabilities, making it incredibly easy for their multiple platforms to talk to each other, including SABA and EdCast.

With EdApp’s single-sign-on (SSO) function, Deloitte provides a smooth experience for their professionals, meaning they can effeciently jump between platforms with the help of EdApp.

EdApp also ensures the highest security measures, giving Deloitte and all their employees the guarantee they need.

Why Deloitte chooses EdApp

Beyond having an interactive and beautiful platform their learners love, Deloitte values EdApp for the proven benefits of microlearning by keeping their audience engaged. With the help of the EdApp team, Deloitte easily creates and deploys beautiful and effective training content for thousands of their employees.

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