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Get full control over your users, courses, analytics, and integrations. All in one place.
Admin portal
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Get full control and flexibility over users and courses

Make sure each user has the right access. Simply invite and organize your users into groups to mirror your organization’s team structures. So you can deliver tailored training to your team in one click.

User management

Driver higher completion rates with in-built engagement

Unlock your team’s learning potential with real training motivators. With in-built engagement features like gamification, spaced repetition, and push notifications, you can stop fighting attention spans and start creating a culture of learning.

Gamification and engagement features

Build agile learning experiences with real-time insights

Identify knowledge gaps early with in-built analytics. Every in-person and digital training interaction are automatically tracked with custom performance and engagement reports. So you can keep workplace learning on track.

Real time insights

Be compliant by default

Automatically track every learner’s progress, completions, and certifications in one place. So you can easily search and access the data you need when you need it. All securely stored and easily searchable.

Be compliant by default

Dive deeper with your data

Create powerful and flexible dashboards in tools like Power BI and Tableau. Easily access and export the metrics you need so you can streamline and automate your workplace learning and get your teams up to speed, faster.

Dive deeper with your data

We are here to help

We have an award-winning team of real people ready to answer your questions. So you can get back to creating the learning experience your teams deserve.

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Blooms the Chemist

With the admin portal, we can report how many people did the course and who's left to actually do it. The good thing is if we do get questions – or even audits – we know that this many people have finished their course – and we've got proof.

Martin Olds, Chief Information Officer at Blooms The Chemist

Turn what you have into what you need

Don’t let admin get in the way of great training. Organize users and courses with a click of a button. Then, notify your learners.


Take your training out of a white-walled room

Motivate your teams with training they can do anytime, anywhere – all while breaking the ‘boring training’ stereotype.


Endless options for integrations

Say goodbye to workarounds. We’re designed to fit in with the tools you already use. Make learning easier for you and your teams with our integrations.


All your data in a glance with reporting and analytics

Track compliance, spot problems early, and design better learning outcomes – all in one place.

EdApp is easy to use and free for you and your team. No credit card required.

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