Top 10 Online Quiz Makers

10 Online Quiz Makers

There are three key benefits you can gain from using online quizzes in your onboarding and employee training.

  1. You can assess how well a person knows a specific topic.
  2. You know where each employee’s knowledge gaps are so you can improve existing lessons and modules.
  3.  It reinforces information that your employee has learned, which increases the likelihood of them retaining your lessons.

It is important to take note that quizzing is just as important as training. You can’t say that your employees are signed off on training if they haven’t shown that they can demonstrate what they’ve learned. Thankfully, creating quizzes is now easier than ever before with online quiz makers. Here are the 10 best online quiz makers available: 

Best Online Quiz Maker – EdApp

Online Quiz Maker - EdApp

EdApp is a free learning management system and online quiz maker that makes learning fun and engaging for users. With this microlearning mobile app, teams are still able to catch up with their course lessons even with a busy schedule or shift work. That’s why EdApp is the leading LMS across a number of industries, including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and construction.

Its newest feature, Rapid Refresh, is a user-friendly online quiz maker designed to check your team’s understanding of your training and reinforce their learning. Questions are set up using an easy-to-complete spreadsheet, and you’ll have access to actionable reporting to understand any knowledge gaps an individual or your team may have.

Online Quiz Maker - EdApp Learner Experience


  • Upload questions in our easy-to-complete spreadsheet
  • 50+ authoring & testing templates (no coding required)
  • Completion certificates
  • Gamification with real prizes built into the learning process
  • Automatic grading, scoring, and advanced dashboard analytics
  • Easy in-app branding and customization
  • Automatically-generated spaced repetition to reinforce content
  • Translate your test into 100+ languages with our cloud-based translation tool
  • Diverse question templates: Multiple choice (carousel, chat simulation, circle the answer, images), games (find-a-word, jeopardy, letter jumble, true or false), and more
  • User groups access
  • Complete the quiz anytime, anywhere on the mobile app
  • Compatible with most devices (scaled display)
  • Reports & analytics

Cost: Free Quiz Maker

Online Quiz Maker #2 – Quizlet

Online Quiz Maker - Quizlet

Quizlet is a tool that is mainly promoted as a free online quiz maker for teachers to assess their students. With its easy-to-use instructional design, instructors from other fields can use it to create their own online quizzes.


  • Flashcard format
  • Diverse question template: Multiple choice, written answer, audio button
  • Gamification to make content more engaging
  • Audio function for auditory learners and for people of all accessibility needs
  • Curated study sets available for different topics
  • Readily available flashcards for everyone to access
  • Backed up by a Learning Assistant Platform

Cost: Free

Best Online Quiz Maker #3 – SurveyMonkey

Best Online Quiz Maker -  SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is an online survey software that allows users to quickly create questionnaires. The free basic plan is highly limited with a view-only mode of up to 40 survey responses.


  • Easy creation of surveys, quizzes, and polls
  • Multiple quiz templates available
  • Customization tools for themes and designs
  • Export results
  • Analytics

Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans

Online Quiz Maker #4 – Quiz Maker

Online Quiz Maker - Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker – as its name suggests – is a free platform to create quizzes. With its straightforward and basic interface, authoring quizzes is now made easy.


  • Different quiz types: Trivia, personality, graded, survey, polls
  • Simple user interface
  • Multiple Default and customizable themes
  • Timed quizzes
  • Score results and leaderboards
  • Completion certificates
  • Integration of 3rd party tools

Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans

Free Online Quiz Maker #5 – TriviaMaker

Free Online Quiz Maker -  TriviaMaker

TriviaMaker is a free app to create quizzes in a game format. The game styles are inspired by popular TV game shows, such as Jeopardy, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, and Multiple Choice. It’s a fun and interactive way to challenge your teams while learning.


  • Different quiz styles: Grid, list, trivia, wheel
  • 100+ pre-made games available
  • No need for sign-ins or downloads
  • Compatible with different devices

Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans

Free Quiz Maker Online #6 – Interact

Free Quiz Maker Online -  Interact

Interact is an online test maker to create quizzes mostly to generate leads for business growth. With their selection of quiz types, it could be used not only in businesses but also in other institutions or for personal use.


  • Quiz types: Personality, scored, assessment
  • 800+ readily available templates
  • Includes branding customization
  • Theme customization
  • Segmentation
  • GDPR compliance
  • Promotional assistance available
  • Analytics

Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans

Quiz Maker Online Free #7 – FreeOnlineSurveys

Quiz Maker Online Free -  FreeOnlineSurveys

FreeOnlineSurveys is a free online quiz maker that allows the creation of unlimited quizzes. It is powered by KwikSurveys should you need a business or an enterprise account. 


  • Different question types: Multiple choice, date/time, open-ended, multi-factor, ranking order, picture choice, split testing
  • 1000+ responses supported
  • Customizable templates and quiz samples available
  • Automatic scoring 
  • Filter & segmentation, cross-tabulation 
  • Time limit feature
  • API access available
  • Rapid survey design assistant

Cost: Free

Best Online Quiz Tool #8 – ClassMarker

Best Online Quiz Tool -  ClassMarker

ClassMarker is a free online test creator software for business and education. It includes a web-based quiz maker to assess learners’ proficiency.


  • Different types: surveys, quizzes, forms
  • User access available (public or private viewing)
  • Flexible branding customization available
  • Custom completion certificates
  • Software downloads not required
  • High security hosting solution that backs up data every hour
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Analytics

Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans

Best Online Quiz Maker #9 – QuizGame

Best Online Quiz Maker -  QuizGame

QuizGame is a training tool and free quiz maker tool to create quizzes in a game format. Seeing that the quizzes are gamified, the recall of knowledge is increased with its interactive approach.


  • Quiz modes: games, stock-market-like structure, duel, group trivia
  • Several pre-made templates available
  • Assign questions to users
  • Mobile use supported
  • Analytics (based on 85 metrics)

Cost: Free demo

Online Quiz Maker #10 – ProProfs

Online Quiz Maker - ProProfs

ProProfs is a knowledge management and customer software for enterprise needs. The platform includes a free online quiz authoring tool for users.


  • Quiz types: Scored, personality
  • 10+ quiz question types: Multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, essay, etc.
  • Editable ready-made templates 
  • Simple user interface
  • Branding and customization available
  • Data privacy: 100+ smart security configurations
  • Completion certificates
  • Reports & analytics

Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans


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