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While many people dread the word “test,” testing is a critical component of the educational process. 

Casual testing is very different from high-stakes testing. High-stakes testing gives people a score and ranks them according to performance. On the other hand, testing in the flow of learning simply reveals what a person knows and what they don’t know. Casual testing helps people grow and direct their studies.

Now, with digital platforms, testing goes beyond boring scantrons and pen-and-paper questions. There are many excellent, free online learning platforms with engaging courses and testing to help teachers and L&D professionals alike. 

Today, we are going to compare 10 different free online test maker tools that vary in functionality from simple forms to those with courses, testing, and advanced analytics. It includes:


Online Test Maker #1 – EdApp

Online Test Maker - EdApp

EdApp is free learning management software & online test maker designed with the digital learner in mind. EdApp is a free course library, authoring tool, test builder, and learning platform all-in-one. Training and learning have never been easier or more fun with this intuitive, award-winning platform. 

Feature list:

  • 50+ authoring & testing templates (no coding required)
  • FREE course library with completion certificates
  • Gamification with real prizes built into the learning process
  • Automatic grading, scoring, and advanced dashboard analytics
  • Easy in-app branding and customization
  • Responsive SCORM 1.2 LMS
  • Test smarter with Brain Boost spaced repetition app: automatically-generated spaced repetition to reinforce content
  • Translate your test into 100+ languages with our cloud-based translation tool
  • Diverse question templates: multiple-choice (carousel, chat simulation, circle the answer, images), games (find-a-word, jeopardy, letter jumble, true or false), and more!

Cost: Free, forever. See other pricing options here

Online Test Maker #2 – Nearpod

Online Test Maker - Nearpod
Nearpod is an online test maker, a student engagement platform and free learning website with lesson authoring, formative assessment, and free courses.


  • Author interactive lessons 
  • Access standards-aligned lessons from ELA to Social Studies for K-12
  • Run live lessons and get assessment data instantly
  • Support 100% student participation
  • Integrate with Google Classroom

Cost: Free and paid plans

Free courses include:

  • Self-Development
    • Promoting Respect
    • Exploring the Social-Emotional World
    • Self-Determination
  • Languages
    • Spanish (K-12)
    • French (K-12)

Online Test Maker #3 – Udemy

Online Test Maker - Udemy
Udemy is a large, open course marketplace for instructors and students alike and it is also an online test maker. Author video, text, and audio lessons with built-in testing capabilities. While Udemy does not allow you to create a single test or quiz, it is a great platform to create an entire course with included testing.


  • Free online courses with certificate of completion included
  • Learn from experts on a variety of topics
  • Video learning
  • Publish content as an instructor and get paid
  • Multiple-choice tests

Cost: Free and paid courses

Free courses include:

  • Digital Marketing
    -Email Marketing Made Easy for Beginners
    -Copywriting: Fundamentals For Beginners
    -Organic Search And Keywords
  • Business Management
    -Knowledge Management Tools for SMEs
    -Start Improving Customer Service
  • Coding
    -Learn HTML5 and CSS3 By Coding Your First Website
    -Code a ‘Coming Soon’ Landing Page in Bootstrap 4

Simple Test Tools

If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward way to create quizzes and tests without free courses or advanced functionality, we have 2 options for you. 

Online Test Maker #4 – Google Forms

Google Forms is an easy-to-use Google application which can be used as an online test maker and that allows anyone to create a survey, test, or quiz for students or employees. This program easily integrates with spreadsheets and other Google products, making data collection seamless and straightforward. 


  • Author tests, surveys, sign-in sheets, order forms, job applications, and more
  • Export collected information to an auto-populated Google Sheet
  • Customization and personalization: change anything from the background to question types to advanced settings
  • Embed images and videos
  • Incorporate add-on’s like notifications, FormLimiter, and Certify ‘Em with competition certificates

Cost: Free

Online Test Maker #5 – HubSpot Forms

Online Test Maker - Hubspot
HubSpot Forms is designed primarily for marketers looking to gather customer data; however, it is also a powerful online test maker. Similar to Google Forms, it has drag-and-drop questions, and the settings are highly customizable.  


  • Easily integrate with WordPress and HubSpot’s CRM system
  • Unlimited forms and submissions 
  • Up to 1,000 form fields

Cost: Free

Online Test Maker #6 – Kahoot!

Online Test Maker - Kahoot!

Kahoot is an online test maker and a digital assessment tool where users answer questions in real-time through online learning games. While many teachers use Kahoot, it can also be used in the workplace as an excellent way to take polls, engage employees in training content, and ask open-ended questions. 


  • Create quizzes in minutes or access an extensive quiz database 
  • Assign students or employees self-paced game challenges
  • Access reports with critical stats and download them to a spreadsheet
  • Customize point values, question types, and other game settings
  • Duplicate Kahoots again and again

Cost: Free and paid plans

Online Test Maker #7 – Quizlet

Online Test Maker - Quizlet

Quizlet is a learning platform where students, teachers, and trainers can author quizzes in a flashcard format. You can create flashcards or access a vast library of pre-made flashcard stacks. 


  • Duplicate and customize existing flashcard stacks
  • Assign flashcards to students in a test format
  • Access pre-made flashcards for Professional & Careers and Standardized Tests
  • Utilize various study modes to support spaced repetition and gamify learning

Cost: Free

Online Test Maker #8 – EasyTestMaker

Online Test Maker - EasyTestMaker

EasyTestMaker is a free digital test maker that helps you author a variety of tests and manage your learners. Either administer your test online (where it is graded automatically) or print it out for users to do on paper. 


  • Variety of question formats: multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, T/F, and short answer
  • Export all tests to PDF or Word
  • Create alternate test versions to limit cheating
  • Print analytics and student test results
  • Question pools

Cost: Free and paid plans

Online Test Maker #9 – ClassMarker

Online Test Maker - ClassMarker
ClassMarker is a digital testing system that can be used in a classroom or business setting. ClassMarker’s interface makes it easy to create, distribute, and grade tests. 


  • Branding options
  • Certificates of completion offered
  • Automatic analytics and results
  • Do everything online: no software needed
  • Make exams public or private

Cost: Free and paid plans

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Online Test Maker #10 – FreeOnlineSurveys

Online Test Maker - FreeOnlineSurveys

FreeOnlineSurveys is a free survey and test maker that can be used in small or large-scale online assessments. You can create unlimited quizzes using this platform.


  • 1000+ responses supported
  • Customizable templates and test samples
  • Different test formats available (multiple choice, open-ended, rank,  etc.)

Cost: Free