20 e-Learning templates

10 e-Learning templates

Let’s take a closer look at 20 important e-learning templates.

1. Text Sequence

EdApp’s “Content” template collection is perfect for transferring knowledge and introducing new content to your learners for the first time. The Text Sequence template means that text is displayed one portion at a time. This interactive template helps learners digest information one piece at a time, which maximizes effectiveness without overwhelming your teams with too much information all at once.

e-learning template #1 - Text Sequence
The slide above is taken from a course in EdApp’s course library. The Cyber Security course includes a collection of eight comprehensive and fully-editable lessons designed to help you and your teams aware and safe from cyber attacks. The course provides the information you need to know about the different types of cyber attacks and the safety precautions that you can take to avoid them.

2. Word Construction Concept

EdApp’s Word Construction Concept template is found under the “Concepts” category, which is designed to reinforce singular concepts. In order to achieve this, learners must filter and recreate statements through interactive lessons. The Word Construction Concept template challenges your teams to spell key words from your lesson content. With this template, learners are challenged to reproduce words they have just learned or reinforce the spelling of challenging words.

e-learning template #2 - Word Construction Concept 

Contributed by LN Consulting, the course above is taken from the Mentoring course, which is also found in EdApp’s course library and is completely editable. The practical course includes content designed specifically for aspiring mentors to learn effective mentorship. On the other hand, mentees have the opportunity to learn how to get the most from their mentors.

3. List Slide

Also found under EdApp’s “Content” category, the List Slide template is clear and simple, perfect for optional narration. Acting as a table of contents, this practical template can provide an overview of your content (as the image below depicts). Similarly, it can be easily used to summarize learned content.

e-Learning template #3 - List Slide

EdApp’s Food & Mood course, contributed by Marley Spoon, explores the link between mindful eating and identifies which foods will bring the best in you and which ‘trigger foods’ have a more negative impact on you and your teams’ moods. Here, the List Slide is setting up the contents of the lesson, which gives the learners an outline of what they’re about to learn.

4. Drag to Match

It’s important to provide a variety of different lesson templates and designs to keep your learners engaged. Another relationship-based template found on EdApp includes Drag to Match.

e-learning template #4 - Drag to Match

Found in EdApp’s editable course, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction, learners must align the type of glove with the correct name to illustrate that they’ve understood the previous content, which outlined each gloves’ details and purpose in relation to PPE for Construction workers.

5. Expandable List

The Expandable List template is great for separating out larger points into smaller bits. As the learner taps on each section, it expands to reveal more information and exposes only one bit at a time. Learners can gain a better understanding of a bigger concept by approaching small chunks piece by piece. As the concept of microlearning has proven, this increases retention rates in the long run.

e-learning template #5 - Expandable List 

The Mentoring course, also found in EdApp’s content library, is fully editable and was contributed by industry leaders, LN Consulting. The lesson (pictured above) outlines the different paths of mentorship and specifically, potential roadblocks to secure a valuable mentor.

6. Number Sentence

Found under EdApp’s Numbers templates, Number Sentence is designed to reinforce concepts through numerical properties. Taken from the Let’s Kick COVID-19! courseware, which has been shared and completed by thousands of learners around the world, individuals must recall the amount of alcohol that your hand sanitizer should include for the effectiveness to fight COVID-19.

e-learning template #6 - Number Picker

This particular template gives learners the option to browse up and down to select the correct number. In the Number Sentence template, the learner can seamlessly integrate the numerical value within a statement.

7. Categorize

The Categorize template is a versatile option, as it acts as a multiple-choice template which asks the learner to drag a statement to one of two available categories. This template can be asked to answer true or false questions (as illustrated below) or to reinforce separate categories. It’s also useful for asking whether something is incorrect or correct; positive or negative, and so on.

e-learning template #7 - Categorize

The template above can be found in EdApp’s editable course library, within MCI Solutions’ contributed courseware: Living a Resilient Life. This collection of lessons promotes positive mental health by teaching methods to enhance resilience and build strong mental health practices.

8. Video Collection

Found under EdApp’s collection of Content templates, Video Collection displays a group of videos that learners can select and compare. This template allows learners to experience videos in a non-linear order, offering a more custom learning experience. EdApp also hosts a Video Slide template and supports both YouTube and Vimeo Videos, which can be embedded in additional video templates.

e-learning template #8 - Video Collection 

The Retail Services: Communication course (illustrated above) can also be found for free in EdApp’s extensive course library. The course is fully editable and is designed for you to improve your communication in the workplace.

9. Find-a-word Game Template

Found under EdApp’s extensive collection of gamified templates, the Find-a-word Game Template gives you the opportunity to reinforce key words from your lesson. Similarly, it gives learners the opportunity to find important words through a familiar layout. This can be used to summarize key chunks of information or reinforce key words for customer-facing conversations.

e-learning template #9 - Find-a-word Game Template 

In the template above, the New Hire Safety Orientation course highlights safety introduction information, emergency action plans, and fire extinguishers, amongst others. Contributed by Risk Management Inc., this courseware prompts learners to find “Oxygen”, “Fuel”, and “Heat”, all of which feed fire.

10. Ratio Number Template

EdApp’s Ratio Number Template is the most useful when a group of numbers relate to one another. The numbers can add up to a certain value or just apply to the same situation. Regardless, learners can set the value independently through this interactive template to reinforce their knowledge.

e-learning template #10 - Ratio Number Template 

EdApp’s Safety in the Workplace course (depicted above) covers safety compliance that you can use as a template for your organization, then customize, brand and deploy to your teams.

Discover more EdApp e-learning templates

Through a powerful and intuitive authoring tool, EdApp enables training to teams large and small around the world. Courses can either be created from scratch, existing content can be imported to the learning platform, or ready-made courses can be edited and customized – the choice is up to you.

With a goal of enabling clients to provide simpler and smarter workplace learning, EdApp boasts more than 50 intuitively designed microlearning templates that can be used to present content, reinforce key concepts, as well as assess learning through a variety of options to cater to every type of learner. Some templates include multiple-choice, games, surveys, and relationships to boost engagement and maximise learning results.

These e-learning templates are only a small sampling of what EdApp has to offer. With an extensive template library, designing a course that meets your unique needs is well within your reach. You can easily cater to all your learners by presenting and reinforcing key concepts through interactive and varied ways.