10 Free Online Course Platforms

Over the past few years, global employers and training managers have been heavily relying on online course platforms to carry on with the training of their employees regardless of their location and work arrangement. The COVID-19 crisis prompted even more businesses to embrace these resources to continue providing effective training to their now-remote team and stay on top of their competition. In fact, studies suggest that the adoption of online course platforms will persist even in the post-pandemic world and will most likely be worth $325 billion by 2025.

On search engines, you’ll find hundreds of online courses platforms with a range of easily accessible learning resources readily available for deployment. The best ones even have intuitive tools that allow you to build your online courses from scratch and monitor the learning progress of your employees. Perhaps you’ve been cracking your head looking for the best online course platforms that you can use for your next training initiative? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive list of the best online course platforms, which you can use as a guide when deciding what’s best for your team. Continue reading to find out more. 

1. EdApp LMS

EdApp LMS sets the standard for high-quality online course platforms, recognized for its comprehensive microlearning content library filled with expertly designed courses for various industries. Here, you’ll get to explore topics about retail, construction, cybersecurity, leadership and management styles, and food and hospitality. With more than 30 expansive categories to choose from, there’s surely world-class content for every team. 

Online Course Platform - EdApp LMS

Online Course Platform - EdApp Library

If you want to secure accredited, up-to-date, and high quality training courses, EdApp also offers a range of certified, sponsored courses developed in collaboration with some of the most reputable brands and thought leaders in the world. This collection includes the Great Climate System from Axa Climate, the Food and Mood course from Marley Spoon, and the Bar World of Tomorrow from the wine and spirits experts of Pernod Ricard. They are all ready for deployment, so all you need to do is import these courses, hit publish, and finally share the content with your team. 

Online Course Platform - EdApp Sponsored Courses

Through EdApp’s powerful authoring tool, you can also customize most of these courses to fit your branding specifications and your learners’ training needs. You can upload your brand image and logo, add more lessons or edit the content, or even include slides of gamified quizzes to check their learning progress. For non-native English speakers, this LMS software has a built-in AI translation tool that can translate courses into a specific language that they’re comfortable with. 

Online Course Platform - EdApp Authoring Tool

  • Cost: Free
  • Key features: Microlearning content library, editable courses, authoring tool, gamified quizzes, AI translation tool

2. Coursera

Over the years, Coursera has gained increased popularity for its paid and unpaid online courses that are mostly hosted by the best university professors and industry experts from around the world. The majority of their programs are aimed at virtually any professionals seeking to improve their skills and abilities, receive a promotion or raise, or start a new career. Whether your industry falls to information technology, business, or social sciences, Coursera definitely has something ready for your team. 

Online Course Platform - Coursera

Most of the courses in this platform are delivered in online video lectures that your learners can take on their best availability. Some are also deployed with self-paced quizzes and hands-on projects, ensuring optimum engagement from your team. Coursera can provide a certificate of completion, although you may have to pay a small fee from $39-$99 USD.

  • Cost: Free; paid courses with certifications
  • Key features: Expertly designed online courses, video lectures, self-paced quizzes, hands-on projects, certificate of completion

3. edX

edX is also a great place to find high-quality online courses that can help your team expand their skills and knowledge and drive them to deliver exceptional performance. There are over 3000+ courses on this platform, designed and hosted by some of the world’s leading institutions such as Harvard, MIT, University of Oxford, the University of Tokyo, as well as Google, IBM, and Microsoft. They are delivered in video format, which your learners can take at their own pace. A download option is also available so they can stream the classes anytime and anywhere, whether they’re grabbing a quick coffee or sitting on the bus on their way home. 

Online Course Platform - edX

As a global non-profit organization, most of the courses here are free for everyone. The only downside with this platform is that it has no authoring tool that you can use to customize or edit training content. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Key features: Educational-oriented online courses, self-paced learning, offline streaming 

4. FutureLearn

Developing new skills and expertise can also be achieved with FutureLearn. This online course platform has more than 2,000 unique programs that deal with a variety of subjects, including healthcare and medicine, business and management, creative arts and media, and so many more. Similar to Coursera and edX, these courses are also prepared by world-class universities and industry experts and delivered through videos, articles, discussions, even quizzes, and other activities.

Online Course Platform - FutureLearn

But what makes this platform special is that it offers unique microdentials and programs focused on providing in-depth courses in a specialized field. These are backed with independent certification management software, some even with academic credit that they can use to earn a professional degree. They are also 100% online and can be taken within 10-15 weeks. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Key features: Unique online courses in videos, articles, discussions, and quizzes, microdentials and programs

5. MasterClass

MasterClass is not your usual online course platform. Here, your team will have access to 100+ online classes hosted by acclaimed and well-known experts and celebrities. They can learn how to cook restaurant-grade cuisines from Gordon Ramsay, build a brand and create a visual identity from Diane von Furstenberg, and develop their own fashion style from Marc Jacobs. Each course includes 15-20 well-produced and engaging videos that are mostly 10 minutes long. Supporting a self-paced learning experience, your learners can take and complete them anytime their schedule allows. They can also download the app on their phone and view the courses on the go. 

Online Course Platform - MasterClass

The con for this platform is that their course catalog is scarce and limited since they only invite the world’s top best to discuss their topics. Plus, most courses target those at the beginner level, which doesn’t sound enticing if you plan to retrain your existing and already seasoned employees. 

  • Cost: $15 USD per month
  • Key features: 100+ online classes hosted by acclaimed and well-known experts and celebrities, self-paced learning, mobile device accessibility

6. Skillshare

At Skillshare, you’ll find hundreds of online video courses that delve into a wide array of different topics, including entrepreneurship, photography, film and video, leadership and management, marketing, and so much more. The video classes, which vary from recorded to live, are hosted and facilitated by experienced teachers, who are acclaimed reputable experts in their respective fields. They are also 100% online, allowing the learning to take place anywhere and anytime with their preferred gadgets, from desktop computers to tablets, even mobile devices.

Online Course Platform - Skillshare

Perhaps the biggest downside of this platform is that the learning resources are limited only to educational videos. They usually last 30-40 minutes in length, which isn’t exactly ideal for those with short attention spans

  • Cost: Pricing plans available upon request
  • Key features: online video courses (live and recorded), desktop and mobile accessibility

7. ELearning Brothers

If you need training content fast, ELearning Brothers is the ultimate lifesaver. Regardless if you need to develop hard or soft skills or update your team on the recent compliance or safety regulations, they have you covered with their safety training software. Here, there are thousands of mobile-responsive microlearning courses put together by subject-matter experts and instructional designers. Most of these online lessons are already designed with interactive elements such as images and short videos, as well as knowledge checks and assessments, ensuring successful learning within your remote team even without the need for a face-to-face training session. You can purchase a course one at a time or the entire library to keep the costs down.

Online Course Platform - ELearning Brothers

This platform can also lend a hand in developing custom training content with its advanced authoring tool. There are a variety of templates, frameworks, and interaction elements available, so you no longer have to spend hours designing the perfect course content for your team. If you like, you can also develop courses in a VR format and apply some real-life scenarios, ensuring a more fun, engaging, and satisfying learning experience for your employees. 

  • Cost: Pricing plans available upon request
  • Key features: Ready-made microlearning courses, content development with advanced authoring tool, VR training

8. Learnbook

The Learnbook platform is loaded with a range of interactive eLearning tools and features that can help you easily build and manage presentation slides, quizzes, and games, and also upload interactive videos, securing a higher learning success in your organization. You can also run live webinars and virtual conferences, allowing you to deliver your online courses and discuss the content with your team and colleagues in real-time. You can even record the discussion and publish them as courses so your team can still revisit them for their self-paced learning. 

Online Course Platform - Learnbook

There are no ready-made courses available on this platform. Although a subscription will give you access to 10 off-the-shelf classes from GO1, which houses more than 50,000 programs covering diverse topics ranging from health and food services to digital marketing and finance. 

  • Cost: Pricing plans available upon request
  • Key features: Friendly content creation tools, webinars and virtual conferences, access to GO1 courses

9. CourseLab

CourseLab is a great place to build high-quality online courses that you can publish through the web or an LMS. Thanks to its e-training module creation tool, making slide-based courses is just as easy as drag and drop. You can even make it more interactive by adding images, videos, action-based animations, and quizzes to engage your learners into taking and completing the course. 

Online Course Platform - CourseLab 

Unfortunately, this software has no ready-made courses for training consultants who urgently need to publish training content. But what makes it special is its built-in test creation capability, allowing users to create custom quizzes and exercises of virtually any type and format – single choice or multiple select, fill-in-blank, and even matching pairs. You can use it to monitor your team’s learning progress and ensure that your training content is best understood. 

  • Cost: Pricing starts at $249 USD per year
  • Key features:  e-Learning content authoring tool, built-in test creation capability

10. isEazy

Another online course platform to consider is isEazy, which is tapped by many training consultants due to its cloud-based authoring tool. Here, you don’t need technical design skills to create professional-looking online course materials. Just choose from their interactive slide templates and layout system to get started, and simply click, drag, and type to edit your courses. You can also make your training content more dynamic by adding personalized images, audio, and videos, even quizzes and flashcards. Backed by cloud technology, enjoy peace of mind that your work will never get lost in the process, ensuring maximum productivity. 

Online Course Platform - isEazy

However, do take note that isEazy doesn’t have a course library. You can only produce online courses from scratch, which is not exactly ideal if you’re in a rush to produce training content. It also lacks a PowerPoint conversion, so you will have to manually copy and paste your content even if you have a PPT training material ready. 

  • Cost: Free (courses published with watermark); paid plans are also available
  • Key features:  e-Learning content authoring tool, built-in test creation capability

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