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Food Prep

Prepare for preparation! Food prep is the first step to making a safe, fun and healthy environment for your customers.
4 lessons
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The Bar World of Tomorrow

Raise the bar - bringing you into the future sustainably, humanely and responsibly. This training course, developed in collaboration with Pernod Ricard, Trash Collective and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, focuses on relevant and practical learnings to inspire the bartending community and help build a greener, more responsible and inclusive bar world. Directly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it covers all aspects of sustainability and responsibility from fresh ingredient sourcing, waste management, saving water and energy to staff wellbeing and the responsible serving of alcoholic beverages. The modules are based on five pillars (brands, sourcing, service, bar and staff) available in English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, German, Turkish and French. Accessible from the Pernod Ricard section of the EdApp Content Library.
14 lessons
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Knife Handling (Fast Casual)

Working with service restaurants is one of the most hectic jobs out there, so you better beware when handling knives. Let's review the basics of everything knife-related: the types of knives, knife safety, and knife skills you will need to cook the best meals and reduce your chances of getting injured.
3 lessons
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Allergies and Food Intolerance in Restaurants

In this course, you will learn about the difference between food allergies and food intolerance, as well as the key roles kitchen staff, wait staff, and management play in the prevention of food allergy and food intolerance prevention in a hospitality setting.
5 lessons
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Mental Health in the Workplace

This course aims to shed light on mental health issues, empower leaders and managers to spot the signs of mental health issues, know how to prevent & intervene when necessary, and how to maintain a culture where all employees are supported and empowered to thrive in the workplace.
4 lessons
Content by Dr. PY Lum

Helping Others to Develop

Helping Others to Develop is about capturing important daily moments to help our people to develop. In this course, there are three modules, namely Feedback, Feedforward, and Development Conversation. Together they form a highly effective way for learning and development. In each module, you will be introduced to the what’s, why’s, and how’s of these three critical skills for developing your people.
3 lessons
Content by Dr. PY Lum

True Influence - Developing Enduring Impact

In a more connected and complex world, where problems need a multi-disciplinary approach to solve, working with diverse team members becomes a common practice. To succeed in such diverse team situation, one needs effective communication, interpersonal, and influencing skills. In this course, we introduce to you the concept and practice of True Influence. You will learn the 5C’s of True Influence and how to develop them.
6 lessons
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Leadership Strategy

In changing times, an organisation's leadership strategy also needs to change. Through this lesson, you will learn about the definition of leadership strategy, its importance, the essential skills and qualities of a strategic leader, specific leadership strategies needed to adapt to changes, and how some companies specifically adjusted their leadership strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
4 lessons

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