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Supercharge BambooHR with automated training

Create and deliver your learning with EdApp and automatically sync users with a seamless connection to BambooHR.

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Make your Cornerstone courses mobile-friendly

Put information at your team’s fingertips. Create and deliver a mobile experience with EdApp and send data back to Cornerstone automatically.

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Real-time user sync with Xero

Skip painful onboarding admin. Add users to Xero and automatically add a new user to EdApp and dynamically assign courses.

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Manage your teams and training all in one place with Deputy

Automatically sync EdApp training to Deputy so you can be sure your workers are up-to-date on training before they clock in.

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Microsoft, G suite, Okta, SAML

Up your training security with single sign-on (SSO)

One less password for your team to remember. Access EdApp directly from your company identity portal with SSO – no invite code or email necessary.

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Create learning pathways with Degreed

Seamlessly share courses created in EdApp to a learning pathway in Degreed for a powerful upskilling and reskilling experience.

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Deliver training in one click through SafetyCulture

Learn from your (SafetyCulture) Issues. Send EdApp training to your team’s devices through the training tab in your SafetyCulture account – no sign-in needed.

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Liven up your learning with Canva

No designer? No problem. Choose from hundreds of Canva templates and images to create graphics, video animation, and more without leaving EdApp.

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Create workflows, not workarounds with Zapier

Connect and sync data from 3,000+ of your favorite apps – like Gmail, Bamboo HR, and Slack – and automate your time-consuming tasks.

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Connect EdApp to your favorite apps with Workato

Analytics, user management, and bulk actions can all be automated with our Workato integration. With 1,000+ apps available – like Salesforce, Slack, and Marketo –  you can quickly automate workflows.

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Import employees quickly with SAP SuccessFactors

Onboard, train, and upskill your team quickly in EdApp with the SAP SuccessFactors integration. Reach out to our team of experts to learn more.


Manage your users directly from IntelliHR

Automatically add new and update users and user data from IntelliHR to EdApp. So you only have to manage your users in one platform.

Public API

Focus on impact, not admin with our public API

The mobile learning experience you want with the data you need. Integrate user info, user groups, Rapid Refresh quizzes, and more with our public API.

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PowerBI, Tableau

Don’t do your analysis twice

Create powerful and flexible dashboards in tools like Power BI and Tableau with your EdApp data through our public API.

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Only get notifications that matter with Webhooks

Set automatic, custom notifications between our public API and your app of choice through webhooks. So you can focus on impact, not admin.

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Workday, ADP

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