10 Free Training Management Systems

Are you looking for a solution to help you plan, design, deploy, monitor, maintain, and follow up with your employees’ training in a digital way? If your answer is yes, you are looking for a Digital Training Management System. Lucky for you, we are going to go through the best ones for 2020. Spoiler alert, EdApp (at #1) is the best one of them all.

1. EdApp

EdApp is a digital training management system that makes it easy to organize and coordinate training activities to ensure that your training program runs smoothly. It features a built-in authoring tool that enables you to create your own microlessons using available interactive templates in minutes. If you don’t want to start from scratch, its free editable course library offers hundreds of courses that you can tailor with your own expertise or standards specific to your company. You’ll have full control over course management as well, allowing you to configure courses and lessons as you wish. Deploying courseware to different training groups is also a breeze with EdApp’s advanced user management, where you can set roles and permissions and even send push notifications or emails to remind them about completing their courses.

Employee Elearning Tools | EdApp LMS


To check on the effectiveness of your training program, EdApp’s in-built reporting allows you to monitor your learner’s progress, identify knowledge gaps, and send push notifications and emails to learners for a highly engaging and agile learning experience.

2. Intertek Alchemy

Intertek Alchemy is a wonderful Digital Training Management System with a built-in LMS that uses highly interactive courses to get employees to understand, retain, and apply what they learn to their jobs.

Digital Training Management System - Intertek Alchemy

Unfortunately, Intertek Alchemy has a primary customer base of manufacturing workers on plant floors. This means that their resources and framework aren’t easily adaptable to you if you don’t have a team in a factory to train.

3. Administrate

This DTMS can help you organize your resources and increase your efficiency by using its centralized scheduling and document management system. Administrate provides its users with a CRM that eliminates duplicate work and allows users to manage classroom events with event management.

Digital Training Management System - Administrate

Administrate’s key features are course templates, learning paths, event management, vILT rapid implementation, and it’s CRM. With this DTMS, you are able to schedule instructors for your team and use course surveys to see if your learners are satisfied with their instructors. Unfortunately, administrate isn’t a free software.

4. Learnamp

This next DTMS on our list isn’t free, so it’s up to you to review its features and determine if it’s worth it. Learnamp enables its users to start training employees from as early as the onboarding stage. You will be able to send your new employees training materials even before they set foot in the building. This will enable your employees to plan their growth in advance.

Digital Training Management System - Learnamp

Learnamp’s system facilitates employees learning at their own pace and allows users to set up automatic pathway progression learning programs. With Learnamp’s DTMS, you can set level objectives aligned with your company’s strategy, so your employees can achieve goals in line with that of the company.


Arlo is a fairly complete DTMS with only a few drawbacks, such as the cost associated with signing up for this DTMS and its target audience that are more individual learners and not company employees. This system allows users to create online training websites or integrate Arlo into their existing websites. Users can customize their customer’s registration forms and collect payment through the use of bank transfers, invoices, or credit cards on the same system.

Digital Training Management System - ARLO
Other useful Arlo features are its course management system and event management features. With these features, you can manage all the course resources from one database, and some tasks can even be automated.

6. Tovuti

Tovuti course management feature will help you to deliver and track engaging learning experiences for your learners. Tovuti has a built-in authoring tool & SCORM Creator Software that can easily and quickly create interactive content even without SCORM files. It is a 100% cloud-based system, so it doesn’t require downloads and installations on your computer.

Digital Training Management System- Tovuti
Tovuti content offers gamification, and even though not required, you can import SCORM files into your library. Speaking of libraries, if you have existing content, you can upload them to your library as well. It’s not free, unfortunately, so be ready to pay for its features if you decide to use it.

7. GoToTraining

GoToTraining is a DTMS that focuses on training for individuals and may not necessarily be the best option for companies looking to train a team. This DTMS allows for payment processing through PayPal integration and content sharing through class videos, course catalogs, and PowerPoint presentations.

Digital Training Management System - GoToTraining

With GoToTraining, you can boost knowledge retention through activities and small group interactions, after which you can use tests and polls to evaluate knowledge and gain immediate feedback from your students.

8. PowerDMS

Power DMS is an online training software aimed at helping companies to promote policy enforcement. PowerDMS helps organizations make their policy management processes more efficient by updating their processes and keeping their policies accessible and trackable. PowerDMS allows its users to deliver videos and PowerPoint presentations in a trackable format online so training organizers can see who has completed their training.

Digital Training Management System - PowerDMS
Training impact can be measured through tests in many formats, and employees can be rewarded through training certificates (various templates available). You won’t be able to use this training management software for free, unfortunately.

9. Trainual

Trainual’s training management system is useful for eliminating wasted time for employee training. It does this by making training information easily accessible, trackable, and searchable. Trainual uses automatic notifications to help trainers and trainees keep up with training.

Digital Training Management System - Trainual

This DTMS provides engaging training content that can be enjoyed by your employees, and to ensure that your employees are following their training, Trainual allows for tests to be created to test employee retention.

10. LearningCart

LearningCart is not free, but its payment options are somewhat affordable. LearningCart is a management software that enables course builders to manage and sell courses from a single platform. This DTMS allows its users to integrate their courses’ marketing and sales and even offers coupons and bulk discount options.

Digital Training Management System - LearningCart

LearningCart has a built-in LMS that its users can use to build courses, track their learner’s progress and compliance through reports, and enable certifications to be issued upon course completion. It is also SCORM software-compliant.


From the top 10 Digital Training Management Softwares of 2020, we conclude that EdApp is the best for workplace training. This free platform offers unlimited, world-class courses from an editable library that has something for every industry.

Digital Training Management Softwares - EdApp

You can also design your own courses with its powerful authoring tool. EdApp also has a built-in PowerPoint converter that modernizes your dated PPT slides into beautiful and interactive microlessons your teams will love. The award-winning platform and also includes a built-in Canva integration that can be seamlessly accessed through its powerful authoring tool. This DTMS comes equipped with AI translation capabilities to enable you to train workers from all over the world.