Canva for Ed App

Bring the magic of Canva to your EdApp microlessons

Helping innovative tools like EdApp bring a better experience to educators is an integral part of Canva's mission
Cameron Adams. Co-Founder & CPO, Canva

Why canva for Ed App is key

Imagery helps long-term memory


Imagery helps embed content into long-term memory. According to leading education specialists, images are directly processed in the hippocampus function of the brain. Meaning, content with imagery is more likely to be understood and stored long-term.
Better understanding

Better Understanding

The human brain processes 90% of its information visually. As these images are processed, we are naturally programmed to interpret them with less effort, freeing up more space to absorb and analyse new information.
The perfect blend

The Perfect Blend

Accompanying relevant, high-quality images with your microlessons mean better learning experiences. Images can simplify complex topics, instil concepts, and spark original or creative thought, enabling a deeper understanding of the material at hand.
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