The Benefits of Technology in Education

The Benefits of Technology in Education

The advancements in our technological age are disrupting our educational sphere one development at a time. The significance of technology presents a plethora of benefits to education, beginning with the instant gratification of finding information. Any questions we have can be answered at the click of a button by just simply Googling it.

Today’s society is vastly different from that of the past, requiring our younger generations to move with the times. This has led to an instrumental part of this transformation to be the adaptation of education institutions to suit these technological advancements.

Technology’s important role in education has been cemented by our reliance on our tech devices and abilities for the educational success of students, employees and curious individuals alike.

There is no doubt that our futures will continue to be based on tech developments, increasing the productivity and accessibility in our daily lives. The trend is clear in learning processes adopted by teachers in schools, using technology to effectively educate students.

icte Solutions Australia explored the importance of teachers teaching with technology, presenting a video from DepEd Philippines. The video associates DepEd with the pivotal support of delivering teaching to students based on 21st century skills.

How Microlearning is the Perfect Example of Technology in Education

If technology and education had an offspring, microlearning would be it. Microlearning is the fusion of technology and education for optimal learning success.

The way it works is by breaking information up into small, bite-sized chunks to be released in short bursts. This boosts knowledge absorption and retention in learners, allowing them to collate a greater volume of information in a shorter amount of time. The technological benefit lies in the convenience of the learning strategy, whereby users can progress through training modules whenever and wherever it suits them. The accessibility of training on their own device increases the productivity of learners, better preparing them for the successful execution of skills and processes relevant to their role.

Gamification is an essential element usually incorporated in good microlearning LMS. It is the inclusion of gaming elements in serious content lessons, such as the incorporation of leader boards, point scores and real prizing.

The proven success of microlearning explains its widespread usage and rapid development into an increasingly bigger and better teaching strategy. Take our word for it, now is the time to jump on the microlearning bandwagon!


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