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12 Free Public Speaking Training Courses

We’ve selected 10 public speaking training courses to help you empower your employees with compelling communication skills in the workplace. These courses are designed to establish a thorough understanding of communication, develop fundamental public speaking principles and skills, and motivate continuous learning on public speaking.

10 Public Speaking Training Courses
Last published: 20th February 2023
EdApp Public Speaking Training Course #1 - Speaking with Confidence

1. Speaking with Confidence

An aspect of being a good public speaker is confidence, which is also a crucial aspect of developing outstanding presentation skills. With that, EdApp designed this free public speaking training course to help your employees gain a level of confidence when communicating, especially among a group of people such as your customers. It provides tips and techniques in eliminating verbal fillers and practicing nonverbal fluency for holding better conversations.


This course is delivered in a form of microlearning that includes gamification, audio narration, and short-form videos, which make it engaging for your learners. Easily deploy this course to incorporate confidence building as part of your public and persuasive speaking training and development program!


  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Ways to speak confidently

Created By EdApp

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EdApp Public Speaking Training Course #2 - Excellent Customer Service Through Communication

2. Excellent Customer Service Through Communication

Also available on EdApp, Excellent Customer Service Through Communication can be used as a follow-through course on Speaking with Confidence Course. It helps your learners develop essential conversational skills by learning proper enunciation, understanding active listening, and building speaking confidence. Although this course is specifically designed for the customer service sector, the insights on improving communication skills are relevant to better public speaking. This course is free and completely editable so you can tailor it to your company-specific best practices before deploying it to your teams!

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope:  Enunciation, active listening, confidence building

Created by EdApp

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Universal Class Public Speaking Training Course #3 - Motivational and Public Speaking 101

3. Motivational and Public Speaking 101

The Motivational and Public Speaking 101 course by Universal Class is intended to improve your employees’ approach to communicating a message to an audience. This public speaking training course provides foundation knowledge on effective communication and helps eradicate barriers in delivering a speech. It dives into a deeper understanding of the principles of a speech and aspects of public speaking. 

Universal Class provides a syllabus for each course and delivers lessons through videos that are only accessible via a web browser. It also includes review articles and exams for each lesson. Upon course completion, a minimum of 70 percent final is required to earn a certification.  

  • Cost: $50 USD (no certification) - $75 USD (with certification)
  • Scope: Characteristics of effective communication, techniques in constructing a speech, principles of a speech, ways of delivering a speech

Created by Universal Class

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Google Digital Garage Public Speaking Training Course #4  - Speaking in Public

4. Speaking in Public

Speaking in Public is a free public speaking training course available on Google Digital Garage. The lessons are designed to develop your employees into confident public speakers and educate them to tailor speeches to specific audiences. It covers preparation techniques in creating a speech, concepts on body language for communication, and best practices in delivering professional presentations. Insights from this course enable your employees to communicate more concise ideas within your teams and among your clients. 

Google Digital Digital Garage delivers its courses through short-form videos and includes a knowledge assessment at the end of every lesson for better knowledge retention.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Defining the objectives of a speech, mastering body language and eliminating verbal tics, delivering a professional presentation

Created by Google Digital Garage

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EdApp Public Speaking Training Course #5 - Getting your Voice Heard

5. Getting your Voice Heard

Getting your Voice Heard course is created by The Spark which is available for free in EdApp’s course library. Being assertive is a vital aspect of communication, so this course is designed to demonstrate a better approach to expressing themselves. In this public speaking training course, your employees will learn how to communicate assertively while still respecting the beliefs and values of their audience. It also includes lessons on the different response styles and frameworks for practicing assertiveness in communication. By understanding the importance of assertiveness in public speaking, your employees will carry out presentations, lead meetings, or pitch proposals more effectively. This can lead to extended or new business opportunities for your company.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Different response styles, ways to behave assertively, framework theories in being more assertive

Created by EdApp

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Class Central Public Speaking Training Course #6 - Introduction to Public Speaking

6. Introduction to Public Speaking

Hosted in Class Central, Introduction to Public Speaking created by the University of Washington. Available for free in Coursera, it aims to help your employees in delivering effective presentations through a reliable model. This public speaking training course equips your learners with foundational knowledge on preparing speeches and storytelling for public speaking. Then, it introduces a speech model that guides your employees with techniques that they can use for functions like briefings, elevator talks, interviews, and presentations. 

Lessons are delivered through video learning with quizzes to test the knowledge and understanding of your learners. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Understanding speech, making compelling idea, illustrating and delivering ideas, delivering great speech delivery

Created by Class Central

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EdApp Public Speaking Training Course #7  - Effective Communication

7. Effective Communication

The Effective Communication course offered by EdApp recognizes the importance of improving communication skills when speaking to an audience – personally or virtually. This public speaking training course goes over topics, such as revamping communication skills, speaking publicly and effectively, and connecting virtually while still maintaining a personal connection. Through this public speaking training course, your employees will turn into  better communicators who drive action among an audience, whether in person or online setting. 

EdApp is an LMS platform that provides social learning features that allow your learners to share their ideas on any lesson slide. You can use this to practice their communication skills and gather feedback. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Revamping communication skills, speaking in public effectively, connecting virtually

Created by EdApp

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Alison Public Speaking Training Course #8  - Public Speaking

8. Public Speaking

Offered for free in Alison, the Public Speaking training course is intended to provide your employees with principles and techniques for speaking with confidence. It outlines the basics of recognizing and understanding the audience. It also includes a comprehensive guide for preparing, organizing, and fleshing up a speech. Then, it wraps up with a lesson on speech delivery. 

By the end of the course, your learners can check their knowledge and understanding with an assessment test with a required minimum score of 80 percent for successful course completion. While the course is available for free, official certificates are only available for purchase.

  • Cost: Free 
  • Scope: Identifying the audience, preparing for a speech, delivering a speech

Created by Alison

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Corexcel Public Speaking Training Course #9 - Effective Public Speaking

9. Effective Public Speaking

Effective Public Speaking is a course by Corexcel that aims to develop and strengthen skills in delivering a speech or presentation. To support your public speaking training, this course provides an introduction to public speaking. It also includes techniques in preparing for a speech such as proper drafting and employing slides. Then, it defines the seven stages of public speaking for a better understanding of your learners. For holistic learning, it covers lessons on delivering a speech, handling difficult questions, and discussing feedback. 

Corexcel delivers the course content through videos and includes interactive exercises. To guarantee successful course completion and earn certification, you must have an average test score of at least 70 percent.

  • Cost: $99 USD
  • Scope: Introduction to public speaking, seven stages of public speaking, delivering an effective speech or presentation, handling difficult questions, discussing feedback 

Created by Corexcel

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EdApp Public Speaking Training Course #10  - Retail Services - Communication

10. Retail Services - Communication

EdApp offers this Retail Services - Communication course which is designed for improving communication skills in retail. Although this is specifically designed for employees in the retail sector, any organization can apply lessons from this course for public speaking functions. This course demonstrates best practices in delivering excellent retail communication by covering topics, such as active listening, as well as differentiating open and closed questions that are relevant for improving public speaking skills. Through this course, your employees –  whether new hires and veterans –  can benefit from reinforced key concepts on effective communication and persuasion that will help them provide quality service to your customers.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Understanding active listening, differentiating open and closed questions, using open questions

Created by EdApp

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Domestika Public Speaking Training Course - Public Speaking: Find Your Unique Voice

11. Public Speaking: Find Your Unique Voice

In Dometika’s public speaking course, you’ll learn how to confidently and effectively speak with an audience, whether small or large groups. To master the art of public speaking, this course teaches you techniques for regulating your voice, anxiety, and body language. Techniques for proper breathing and speaking with proper diction will also be covered. After those, this course focuses on mentally preparing for the talk. It goes over ways to manage nerves, along with using the right body language. 

  • Cost:  PHP 360
  • Scope: Public speaking tools, effective communication, storytelling techniques, managing nerves

Created by Domestika

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FutureLearn Public Speaking Training Course - Become a Better Presenter: Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

12. Become a Better Presenter: Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Keeping your presentations engaging by improving your speaking skills with FutureLearn. Here, you’ll learn how to avoid jargons to keep your talk easier to understand for your general audience. You’ll also be able to keep your presentation more interesting by adding more personality to it. Lastly, you’ll know how to discuss controversial questions and manage audience behavior.

  • Cost: 27.99 USD/month
  • Scope: How to identify your presenting strengths and weaknesses, how to add personality and life into your presenting style, how to engage with your audience, how to sharpen your presenting skills

Created by FutureLearn

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Improve communication skills with public speaking training

Public speaking is a vital business skill that empowers your employees with a convincing reputation when communicating within the organization or among customers. It allows them to communicate concise and compelling messages to groups of audiences for functions like meetings and presentations when representing the company. However, some of them lack public speaking skills, which hinder them from getting significant ideas across. Investing in public speaking training can help employees eliminate nervousness and build confidence into persuading audiences and communicating ideas more effectively. In this article, we've curated a list of public speaking training courses to help you support your employees into become strong communicators by building a strong impression, communicating effectively, and driving action internally and externally.

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