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Authoring beautiful, engaging, interactive microlearning courses has never been easier

Design beautiful, engaging and effective microlearning with our cloud-based authoring tool. With EdApp's interactive and template-driven authoring approach, you don't start with a blank page: we already know what a good microlesson looks like - our analytics, expert instructional designers and customers tell us as much. Just choose the responsive template that suits your learning objective and add your content. Creating and updating agile courseware takes minutes and hours, not weeks and months.

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Introduce unparalleled agility

Ensure that you have no more out-of-date courses. EdApp’s template-driven authoring tool is so simple and intuitive to use that you can create lessons in the morning and distribute them in the afternoon. There’s no need to send existing courses away for updates or expect your learners to interact with hard-to-relate-to case studies; with EdApp’s authoring tool you can add relevant, topical examples that appeared on last night’s news.

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The Authoring Tool

Authoring made fast and simple with our powerful template library

EdApp’s mobile first authoring tool is simple: We provide you with an entire library of fully interactive and immersive templates ready for you to populate with your content and engage your learners.

There’s no developer resource necessary. Simply apply your branding, author your templates to construct your lessons, and you’re ready to share with your team.

Integrate directly with EdApp's cloud delivery system or export to SCORM. If you've international, multilingual offices use our integrated cloud translation feature.

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Responsive lessons for effortless delivery

Effortless delivery. Simple to create.

There is no extra effort to adapt your course to any device. EdApp handles the hard work so you can focus on producing beautiful, effective lessons for your learners.

Our authoring tool is so simple to use that it's an enabler of Peer Learning. Your own workers know your company's processes, products, policies and practices better than anyone. EdApp's simplicity allows them to create lessons (themselves or with minimal assistance) that are highly-relatable, engaging and very effective.

Use the authoring tool as standalone or integrated with EdApp’s cloud delivery

While you'll see the most benefit from using our learning management system’s suite of features and apps, you can also use the authoring tool to create content for use in your existing environment: just export to SCORM and distribute with your regular LMS.

Beautiful, engaging, effective

Our mobile first template library will provide inspiration to create a whole variety of beautifully crafted lessons easily.

There are templates available for all facets of learning for you to populate with your video, text, and imagery all allowing for full personalisation.

Our pre-built games are also a part of the template library to help reinforce key concepts and ensure message retention in a fun and memorable way.

Gamification built in

Learning is at its most effective when it doesn’t feel like learning. Edapp’s authoring tool has gamification built in which transforms training into being less task oriented and more approachable than regular eLearning. Additional features such as prizing and leaderboards make completing training a fun, competitive diversion. Typical eLearning sees course completion rates struggle to surpass 20 per cent. EdApp’s gamification features typically push this figure well over 80 per cent.

World class translation as standard

Traditional eLearning courseware translation can take weeks plus, it demands considerable investment. However, EdApp has Google's Cloud Translation technology built in to its authoring tool which allows for near-instant translation into more-than 100 languages (and counting). It’s all done in just a couple of clicks.

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At EdApp we’re constantly reviewing and improving our practices and products. Much of this is down to our expert designers and L&D professionals regularly engaging with customers to find out what’s working best, what’s required and what needs changing. This ensures EdApp is a continually-updating, living and breathing ecosystem with regular monthly webinars where users can speak directly to our experts. Don’t miss out and sign-up to be kept informed of the latest authoring tool features and best practices in microlearning.

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