Elearning Gamification

When learning doesn’t feel like learning it becomes highly effective. How can this be achieved? Two words: Elearning Gamification

Gamification is the process of turning a mundane task into a game. Doing so lowers the mental barriers to absorbing new information which improves the likelihood of knowledge embedding in long-term memory. Gamified learning motivates learners, leads to better engagement with content and is proven to enhance message retention.

When combined with microlearning and mobile learning, elearning gamification is taken to another level: short, topical training lessons feel like smartphone games… not work. EdApp’s elearning gamification tools allow you to quickly and effectively gamify training by simply adding your learning material to existing gamified templates: all you need to bring is knowledge, questions and answers.

Our elearning awards

Elearning Gamification - Prizing and real rewards

Rewarding learners further improves gamified learning and motivation. EdApp offers direct recognition of course completion, performance and frequency-of-use through a simple, gamification-based reward system. Users are allocated stars according to your own criteria that they can then use to redeem for real rewards (which reflect your budget). They can see their progress towards the next reward by viewing their profile.

While you can offer the chance to win a single, large prize, our experience dictates that offering multiple, small prizes (such as free coffees or food vouchers) is more effective for training programs.

Elearning Gamification - Past Winners Screen
Elearning Gamification - Leaderboards Screen

Elearning Gamification with Leaderboards

By implementing our Leaderboards feature, you can further improve learner motivation by displaying performance for all to see. You can do this for individuals, groups (or groups of groups): pushing competitive learners to succeed while inspiring stragglers to do better (and not let the side down). Whether it’s being rewarded with vouchers, time off work or a luxury company off-site, jit training will be something that learners want to do.

Choose your elearning gamification template

Our game templates are ready to be populated with your content: whether that’s with an aim to reinforce existing learning or teaching something new. You can use your resulting microlessons with our mobile-focused LMS or export them to SCORM to integrate with (and/or augment) your existing Learning Management System. These templates have been tried and tested by thousands of daily learners with the results being closely analysed by an expert team of instructional designers: we know what a great, gamified microlesson looks like. There's no need to start from a blank canvas – all you need to do is provide the learning content. The elearning gamification templates have the highest engagement and replay rates in our entire catalog: learners love them too.

Gamified eLearning courses get completed

Typical eLearning courseware sees completion rates of under 20%. Conversely, interactive microlessons regularly see completion rates of 90% and beyond. That rate is often higher when gamification is used. Some learners even retake lessons (of their own volition) in order to get a higher score or beat their best time. It’s not hard to see why gamified microlearning is transforming the L&D industry.

Elearning Gamification examples

There’s a library of interactive microlesson examples. Below are just some of the game templates that you can easily use with your own learning material: add weighted scores or timers to make things even more engaging.

Next in order

Next in Order

Reinforce important steps in a procedure with this timed activity.



A children’s stalwart brought into an effective adult setting.

Letter Jumble

Letter jumble

Spell out your message by getting learners to literally spell it out.

Find a word

Find a word

Hunt for answers in a slick, auto-generated word-search grid.

True or False

True or False

Turn True or False questions into a Tinder-style swipe-right game.

elevator learning game

Elevator Game

Match a an image with a description in a mobile game setting.

Jeopardy microlearning gamification


Become a gameshow host with this Jeopardy game template.

Image/ Word Match

Image/Word match

Challenges learners to select the matching attribute for an image.

Spaced Repetition

More than gamification

EdApp offers much more than games. Our new Brain Boost feature uses the highly-effective, Spaced Repetition learning technique to offer up automated revision of content that a learner is struggling with. By repeating learning at increasing, scientifically-derived intervals, knowledge becomes embedded before it’s had a chance to be forgotten. Brain Boost automatically creates interactive, spaced repetition-based microlessons for you. For this and other learning tools, check out our LMS features.

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