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10 Training Courses to Motivate Employees

We’ve selected 10 training courses to motivate employees and help them stay on top of their game at work. This list tackles topics that will boost resilience and productivity, as well as how to improve their mindset. 

Training Courses to Motivate Employees
Last published: 5th September 2023
EdApp Training course to motivate employees - Living a Resilient Life

1. Living a Resilient life

Hosted in EdApp, the Living a Resilient Life by MCI solutions is a training course to motivate employees that’s focused on promoting mental health by enhancing their mental resilience. This learning course defines resilience in a personal and business context. It also helps your employees respond to situations resiliently by developing a forward-looking but still in-the-moment mindset. It also discusses the two-pronged approach as part of a personal resilience plan. It concludes with an outline of the different elements of resilience. When employees are more resilient, they thrive and become more motivated and are prepared to face any challenges.

In this learning management system, the microlearning approach makes key information more digestible, which helps prevent cognitive load and improve employees’ learning experience. Combined with gamification features, the lessons on this course become more fun and engaging for your learners. 


  • Personal resilience and preparedness
  • Resilience in business
  • Elements of a resilient life

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Training course to motivate employees - The Ultimate Guide to Personal Productivity

2. The Ultimate Guide to Personal Productivity 

Another training course to motivate employees by EdApp is The Ultimate Guide to Personal Productivity. This course helps learners to recognize their own personal work styles and habits to boost their productivity. It starts with a specific guide on time management for retail employees. It then dives into the different techniques to control interruptions, stay focused, and get more things done. Motivation and productivity go hand-in-hand. Employees who can’t manage their time have the tendency to get overwhelmed with work, which then leads to losing motivation. Knowing how to manage productivity sustains motivation to perform at their best. 

This course is available in EdApp’s course library making it readily deployable for your team. While this course is targeted at retail employees, it’s completely customizable so you can put in your personal touch and branding to fit your company’s needs using EdApp’s m learning authoring tool.


  • Time management for employees
  • How to work smart
  • Attracting top talent

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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Emtrain Training course to motivate employees - Employee Motivation Training Course Program

3. Employee Motivation Training Course Program

Employee Motivation Training Course Program by Emtrain is specifically designed for managers to equip them with theories and techniques to keep their employees highly motivated in the workplace. This training course to motivate employees highlights the importance of the relationship between leadership styles and workforce motivation. It also helps managers understand the importance of recognizing achievements and problem solving to further inspire and motivate employees. It also provides personal tips to motivate themselves as managers. This course is delivered in a microlesson format that can be completed in just 20 minutes. 


  • Motivation
  • Impact of management behavior on motivation
  • Motivation techniques for managers

Cost: Price available upon quote request

Created by Emtrain

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Virtual College Training course to motivate employees - Growth Mindset

4. Personal and Professional Development: Growth Mindset

This training course to motivate employees by Virtual college was created to introduce learners to the many benefits of having a growth mindset. It kicks off by defining mindset for a better understanding. It then differentiates a growth mindset from a fixed mindset. After recognizing the importance of a growth mindset, it demonstrates ways to develop a growth mindset that can be used both in their personal and professional context. Having a growth mindset encourages learners to stay motivated and push themselves for better outcomes in the workplace.

While this course is free to take, it’s delivered through a PowerPoint training format, which can be less effective compared to other learning methods, such as microlearning.


  • Concept of mindsets
  • Growth vs. fixed mindset
  • Developing a growth mindset

Cost: Free

Created by Virtual College

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EdApp Training course to motivate employees - Learn and Apply

5. Learn and Apply

EdApp’s Learn and Apply course is all about developing a continuous learning mindset instead of having a fixed mindset. This mindset training course discusses Kolb’s learning cycle and how learning from experience helps employees understand situations better to correct negative actions and behaviors. It also explores different opportunities for growth, such as seeking feedback, sharing knowledge, and being guided by a great mentor. Understanding the importance of these factors can be essential in boosting employee motivation. 

This course is specifically designed for employees working in sales, but can still be applicable to any industry. As a remote work software, EdApp uses mobile learning solutions for this course, making it easily accessible for employees who don’t have immediate access to desktops and barely have enough time to spare for long training sessions.


  • Personal growth mindset
  • Learning from experience
  • Kolb’s learning cycle
  • Growth opportunities

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Training course to motivate employees - Work/Life balance in the Same Room

6. Work/Life balance in the Same Room

To help workers gain control over their work and personal lives especially in a remote work setup, EdApp has developed the course, Work/Life Balance in the Same Room. Firstly, it discusses the pros and cons of working from home and in the office. It then highlights the importance of daily routines like sleeping 8 to 10 hours, eating regular meals, and enjoying downtime. At the end of this working from the home training program, workers will also learn how to set up their workspace at home for better ergonomics and increased productivity. 

This course shares motivational techniques for managers. It also serves as an essential learning material for keeping employees motivated with homes now serving as both personal and professional spaces. Apart from the sense of isolation that workers feel from working and living in the same environment all week, there’s also a blurred line regarding when their work stops. It’s crucial to guide them into a healthy remote work set up and stay motivated at work. 


  • Establishing routines
  • Setting up workspace
  • Creating boundaries

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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Futurelearn Training course to motivate employees - Developing a Creative Mindset

7. Developing a Creative Mindset: Build Empathy, Collaboration, and Resilience into Your Creative Process

FutureLearn designed this training course to motivate employees in the creative industry to help them overcome creative challenges at work. It discusses why it’s important to understand your audience and develop creative empathy to be able to come up with ideas that resonate with customers. It also teaches learners about the importance of teamwork and collaboration to increase productivity and ease problem-solving. To improve the creative process, learners will uncover how to build resilience through different techniques so they can face tough and stressful challenges. 

This training is self-paced but takes around 9 weeks to complete. Learners can also earn a certificate as long as they pass all the assessments.


  • Enhancing your creative empathy
  • Improving creative collaboration
  • Building creative resilience

Cost: $39 USD/month

Created by FutureLearn

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FutureLearn Training course to motivate employees - Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

8. Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Another online course by FutureLearn is Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance course. In this corporate elearning course, instructors from Monash University will walk learners through the basics of mindfulness, including the problem of unmindfulness, research on mindfulness, mindful communication, and mindfulness in memory and learning. It also tackles key lessons about relationships and empathy, self care, self-compassion and emotional health, techniques to reduce stress, and ways to improve work performance. By the end of the training session, learners will be able to identify the causes of stress and burnout in their lives and develop a range of effective mindfulness techniques. 

Aside from taking care of your physical health and safety, learning how to prioritize mental nd emotional well-being is another crucial aspect of motivating employees especially in a remote work setup. Enroll in this course to avoid the build-up of stress and boost your overall performance. 


  • Problem of unmindfulness
  • Mindful stress reduction
  • Improving work performance
  • Self-compassion and emotional health

Cost: $23.3 USD/month

Created by FutureLearn

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EdApp Training course to motivate employees - Authentic Resilience in Trying Times

9. Authentic Resilience in Trying Times

Available in EdApp, Improvement Sciences created the Authentic Resilience in Trying Time to provide support and help learners realize their strengths through the science of positive psychology. This evidence-based course guides learners through understanding the mindset and recognizing their strengths. It then further discusses building resilience, and how it impacts the well-being of an individual. It concludes with a lesson that teaches learners how to flourish with their strengths and resilience, especially during challenging situations. By harnessing a positive mindset among your employees, you can help boost their motivation. 

With EdApp, encouraging and motivating your employees is made easy through its Achievements feature. Achievements are a unique way to celebrate your team’s progress with customizable banners and badges to keep them engaged throughout their training. 


  • Mindset
  • Strengths and Positive Psychology
  • Building resilience
  • Resilience and well-being

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Training course to motivate employees - Personal and Team Resilience

10. Personal and Team Resilience

EdApp developed another course called Personal and Team Resilience to provide employees with the skills to handle different challenges and emerge as stronger people. This training course defines resilience and what it means to cope with adversity. It further dives into the role of resilience in adapting to different situations and problems. After establishing a comprehensive understanding of resilience and adversity, it guides learners in building resilience in the workplace. This helps learners be confident in dealing with any situation, preventing them from getting overwhelmed and losing motivation in driving the best outcomes at work.


  • Resilience
  • Adversity
  • Role of resilience
  • Workplace resilience

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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Improve resilience and productivity with training courses to motivate employees

Training courses to motivate employees are equally important as skills training. These learning courses are designed to help learners boost personal growth that will allow them to be more effective in their roles alongside skills development. But with different factors like overwhelming deadlines and fatigue, employees may lose motivation from time to time. No matter how stellar an employee is, if they start losing motivation, their capabilities won’t reflect in their performance.  To help them, you can provide them with training courses to motivate employees while also supporting them in managing their workloads much better or allowing them to take time off. This will not only boost motivation but also foster gratitude, inspiring them to give back with a quality performance at work.

With these courses, you’ll be able to keep them resilient at work as they deal with different challenges. These courses also provide them with ways to be more productive at work while still keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Thankfully, there are available learning technologies that offer courses created by expert instructional designers and professionals. Some even incorporate features that enable you to create a blended learning approach, allowing your training program to easily adapt to the schedules of your employees.

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