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The best leaders are the ones who never stop learning. This course teaches us how having a learning mindset can set you apart from the rest.

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  1. Personal Growth Mindset
  2. Learning from Experience
  3. Opportunities to Grow
  4. Sharing Learning with Others

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Personal Growth Mindset

Learn and Apply Course - Lesson Excerpt

Personal Growth Mindset

Some might say it is perhaps the leadership and sales development programs were ineffective, but this is not always the case. It is important to consider that a lot about leadership in sales can be learned through experience. This is not to say that salespeople with years of experience are always better. All too often, salespeople go through different experiences but learn so little about it. In fact, research shows that a person who has a learning mindset is more successful in sales than others who don’t. For instance, leaders in sales who learn from both positive and negative experiences are more discerning and strategic, making them great decision-makers. How exactly can we activate our learning mindset?

There are tons of ways on how you can use the growth mindset to your advantage, particularly in selling a product.

Having the right mindset will give you enough motivation to overcome challenges you might encounter in each interaction.

And even if you might not offer the best solution all the time, developing a learning mindset will keep you curious and more open to learning opportunities which will eventually help you earn respect and establish your credibility among your clients.

Learning from Experience

Learn and Apply Course - Lesson Excerpt

Learning From Experience

Perhaps, our first experience of learning is when we learned how to walk as babies.

The first time we stood and fell, our brain unconsciously used information to help us make sense why we lost balance and remember what we did right that helped get us back on our feet.

Opportunities to Grow

Learn and Apply Course - Lesson Excerpt

Opportunities to Grow

We can also learn by teaching others. When we teach, we push ourselves to continue learning and better ourselves.

Share what you know and exchange your ideas with others when you can.

You want to ask feedback from a colleague about a presentation you made recently. What question will you ask?

Familiarise yourself with leadership concept and theories Knowing different kinds of leadership theories will give you tons of options to deal with different situations. Moreover, this will help challenge what you already know and develop better, more efficient strategies in the future.

Sharing Learning with Others

Learn and Apply Course - Lesson Excerpt

Sharing Learning with Others

More often than not, people working in sales encounter the same questions from clients and the same challenges at work.

However, when a salesperson found an answer or solution to a problem, this knowledge often stays with him or her without sharing that information to others.

As a result, other sales representatives spend their time looking for the same answers and the same solutions -- a process which is highly inefficient as some of the information they look for may not necessarily be the ones they need to be successful.

By creating a culture where colleagues and team members educate one another, everyone will develop skills that are critical to an organisation’s future success.

Fostering a shared learning culture will help you bring out the best in everyone, especially in the most challenging situations.

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This course taught me about being positive and how to embrace opportunity in difficult situations. Growth mind is a learning mind that will acknowledge the shortcomings and explore new opportunities.

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