Is it time to refresh your training?

A lot of your organisation’s training information is probably trapped inside URLs and PowerPoint presentations. It can be difficult, fiddly and time-consuming to free this information – taking it from a face-to-face training course and turning it into effective, engaging eLearning that learners can do anywhere.

Is it time to refresh your training - Converting training content

With Ed, soon it will be quicker and easier than ever to convert your existing legacy content into engaging, simple and mobile-ready eLearning. Our new lab features allow you to import content from any URL or PowerPoint presentation with just a few clicks, letting you focus on creating great reinforcements and refining your learning content.

Rapid authoring just got more rapid

With the new import feature, you can quickly and easily import all image and text content from a URL or PowerPoint directly into an Ed lesson. Our powerful content engine will automatically split your content into individual slides, ready to be easily moved or altered to fit your needs.

Is it time to refresh your training - Rapid authoring

Of course, your content won’t be one hundred per cent ready for learners after importation – the new feature is designed to save time copying and pasting content into content slides, leaving you more time to think about reinforcements and engagement.

A whole new audience for your content

Younger, mobile-first audiences will be much more inclined to access your content when presented through a mobile app. Instead of needing to access URLs on their desktop, or sit through a PowerPoint presentation, your content can be easily redeveloped and refreshed to include active learning, gamification, and more. Ed’s rapid authoring and importation features allow you to quickly and simply adapt your content for a 21st-century audience.

Is it time to refresh your training - New audience

See it in action

Watch our upcoming features webinar below to see the new import features in action.