Free customer service training courses

10 Free customer service training courses

Free customer service training courses are free courses that can train your customer service team on the various aspects of good customer service. These courses are important because customer service goes hand-in-hand with quality products. Customer service representatives that know how to relate with customers, solve problems, and promote products effectively are great assets to any team. Here are 10 of the best free customer service training courses available.

1. Guest service in hospitality and tourism

The Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism course from EdApp was designed to guide service employees in the hospitality industry. This free course helps employees to identify the meaning of good customer service and understand why good customer service matters. This course is particularly useful for teaching face-to-face customer service skills that your hospitality staff members will need when dealing with tourists. The course is not generic. It has specific situations such as greeting guests and specific actions that should be done to make each interaction a positive one for your guests. We highly recommended this customer service hospitality training course because reputation is everything in the hospitality industry.


2. Call center customer service

If you are looking for a course that provides perfect call center training for all your employees who will be utilizing telephone processes for their job, this call center customer service course is what you need. The course is comprehensive and consists of five useful modules that teach various techniques and skills. Your call center customer service employees will be taught how to prepare for their calls, behave while using the phone, understand the different aspects of a call, deal with difficult customers, and more. If you would like your employees to properly represent the company while on the phone, sign them up.


3. Excellent customer service through communication
10 free customer service training course - excellence customer service through communication

Also from EdApp, the Excellent customer service through communication course teaches employees how vital communication is to the customer service cause. This course goes hand-in-hand with the Speaking with Confidence course also offered by EdApp. Amongst other things, the course teaches that confidence is one of the biggest barriers to communicating effectively and helps students find ways to express their opinions confidently. One of the major advantages of using the course to train your employees is it will help your employees enunciate better, leading to better understanding. We recommend using the course and the Speaking with Confidence course to train your staff to improve internal and external communication.

4. Customer service: Handling complaints

This EdApp Handling Complaints course is a course that teaches customer service employees about proper techniques that should be used when addressing customer complaints. This course is unique because it helps your employees realize that complaints are a good thing and greatly impact your company and should be treated accordingly. The course identifies and explains how workers can positively handle negative reviews, and this is one of the main reasons you should train your employees with it. No company is perfect, so having employees know how to turn negative feedback into positive outcomes is a plus.

10 free customer service training course customer service handling complaints

5. Dealing with difficult customers

If you’re in the market for a course that will teach your employees the best practices when dealing with problematic employees and guests, the Dealing with difficult customers course that you should be working with. The course teaches problem-solving skills that will have your employees correctly and confidently finding and utilizing the best ways to get optimal outcomes in no time. If you want to maintain excellent service and promote problem-solving amongst your customer service staff, this course will educate them on just that. The course is very detailed and has four parts that will teach how to deal with difficult clients, handle complaints, handle mishaps, and work with drunk customers.

10 free customer service training course excellence customer service through communication

6. Customer service (short course)

This customer service course from the Oxford home study center is a free customer service course created by leading academics and focuses on customer service career advancement. The course does not have any time restrictions nor deadlines, so you can study at whatever time is convenient for your current lifestyle commitments. This short course has five units that cover customer service from a modern business perspective and help customer service representatives to evaluate customer’s needs and expectations properly. One drawback of the short course is its length. You can use this course to teach your customer service employees how relationships can benefit your business.


7. Outstanding customer service – your ultimate guide

This course is branded as a guide to outstanding customer service, has CPD accreditation, and is mobile-friendly. It is designed to teach your employees the skills that are required to provide outstanding customer service. The unique aspects of this course are the certification option and the fact that it is accredited. The course teaches one important thing: businesses can stop losing money from bad customer service. Unfortunately, the course is not editable, so it cannot be tailor-made to your company’s needs. This Customer service will be useful to your company as it will help eliminate bad customer service habits.

Free customer service training course #7 - Outstanding customer service - your ultimate guide

8. Brentwood customer service course

This short customer service course from Brentwood is an entry-level course that is approximately 20 hours long. The course is quite basic and teaches the fundamentals of good customer service. This customer service training course focuses on the 6 topics such as the definition of customer service, the importance of nurturing strong relationships with customers, etc. The course is particularly helpful for teaching employees how to analyze and react to employee feedback. Since the course is quite basic, it will not be a sufficient standalone customer service course for your employees.

Free customer service training course #8 - Brentwood customer service course

9. Diploma in customer service

This free customer service diploma course teaches customer service members customer service skills that will help turn one-time customers into lifelong customers. The diploma opportunity from the course makes it one of the most unique ones on our list. Another good thing is that this course brings to the table that it is mobile-friendly so your employees can learn on the go. Unfortunately, the course is 6 to 10 hours long, so it may take busy employees a long time to complete it. This is a good course for your employees because it also provides career advancement due to its certification and accreditation.

Free customer service training course #9 - Diploma in customer service

10. Customer service level 2

This is another online self-paced customer service course that will teach your front-line employees how to deliver excellent customer service through improved communication skills. The course has examinations and certification available for your employees. A good thing that employees will get from the course is the knowledge and principles necessary to provide and understand customer care. Unfortunately, the course is extremely long and time-consuming.

Free customer service training course #10 - Customer service level 2