Discrimination Training For Employees

Discrimination Training For Employees


When people assume that everyone should be like them, barriers are created against those who are not. This is how discrimination is born. In this workplace discrimination training course, we go through the main elements of discrimination and arm you with the tools to recognize it and avoid it.

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Which forms of discrimination are covered in this Workplace Discrimination Training Course for employees?

In this course, we cover gender, age, disability, skin color, and harassment. It deals with how employees are excluded or mistreated based upon their personal characteristics. Plus, how sometimes it’s unintentional but sometimes not.

Discrimination Training For Employees – Course Details

Gender and sexual orientation are covered in this Workplace Discrimination Training Course. While we’ve come a long way in gender equality, there are still battles to be fought for equal rights for all. This may include equal pay for different genders when doing the same work or excluding women from work opportunities because they are pregnant. Assigning roles based upon age and assumptions regarding maturity or experience can be a tricky business. Meanwhile, forcing someone to retire because of their age is discrimination and so is denying a young person a promotion, training, or job due to their age.

Another issue covered in this Workplace Discrimination Training Course is Ethnicity. When an employee is treated unfairly due to their place of origin, cultural or religious affiliation, this is called ethnicity discrimination. Disability is also covered. What constitutes a disability? We often mistake disability for very obvious physical conditions like requiring a wheelchair but there are many less-obvious issues that are also included.

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