10 Free Leadership Training Programs

We’ve curated a collection of leadership training programs applicable for both first-time and experienced leaders, as well as your employees. This list includes programs and courses that strengthen leadership competencies, identify ways to improve management styles, and handle situations more effectively.

10 Leadership Training Programs
Last published: 27th October 2021
Leadership Training Program #1 - Leadership and Coaching/Management Styles

1. Leadership and Coaching/Management Styles

This free Leadership and Coaching/Management Styles course is designed to help coaches or managers reinforce leadership styles and develop the necessary skill sets. This 4-part course helps managers apply the appropriate management styles that will drive better outcomes for their teams. The lessons cover different leadership styles, techniques in making an effective strategy to attract top candidates, ways to create a positive culture and environment, and doing best practices in onboarding new hires. 

The microlearning approach in the delivery of lessons in EdApp makes learning convenient and engaging for you. You can easily complete this course at your own pace anywhere. This course is available in EdApp’s free editable course library that already includes hundreds of courses designed by thought leaders.

Price: Free

Scope: Leadership styles, implementing different leadership styles, development as coach or manager, and onboarding best practices

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Leadership Training Program #2 - Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team

2. Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team

Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team by EdApp is a course designed for first-time leaders. This 3-part course defines the qualities of high-performing teams, guides managers in being effective leaders by differentiating simple management and actual leadership, and explains the “leadership shadow” to improve the self-awareness of managers as a leader. Upon completing the lessons, your knowledge retention is tested through a gamified quiz. This course makes use of gamification features which creates a fun learning experience for you!

Price: Free

Scope: Listing qualities of a high-performing team, difference between management and leadership, and defining leadership shadow 

Created by EdApp

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Leadership Training Program #3 - Business Leadership

3. Business Leadership

Business Leadership is a graduate-level training program offered by The University of Queensland in edX. This program includes 5 courses intended to build effective leadership competencies for emerging and experienced leaders. Each course in this training program integrates academic theories and best practices from experienced leaders. It covers ways to become an effective leader by exploring different leadership styles, developing strategies on organizational change initiatives, managing high-performing teams, and leading an organization in a complex environment. The courses are instructed by professors from The University of Queensland. This training program is self-paced and can be completed for 8-10 hours a week for 11 months. Then, there is an assessment program that involves knowledge tests, essays, and video presentations. This assessment requires 2-4 hours weekly for 3 weeks.

Price: $1,347.30 USD 

Scope: Ways to become an effective leader, strategies in organizational change activities, building high-performance teams, and leading an organization despite challenges

Created by edX

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Leadership Training Program #4 - Managing Performance Discussion

4. Managing Performance Discussion

Managing Performance Discussion is a course offered by NexaLearning that aims to guide managers, team leaders, and coaches in facilitating discussion on performance improvement with employees. This 7-part course introduces an overview of managing performance discussions, reinforces key communication skills for employee performance discussions, elaborates the seven-step process in conducting the discussion, and also includes a practical application. By completing the knowledge assessment test at the end of the course, you’ll earn a certificate of completion.

Price: $37 USD

Scope: Overview of managing performance discussion, key communication skills during discussions, and seven-step discussion process

Created by NexaLearning

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Leadership Training Program #5 - How to be a Passionate Leader

5. How to be a Passionate Leader

Available for free in EdApp, How to be a Passionate Leader provides a leadership strategy in creating a positive impact for others. This 8-part course illustrates the benefits of being a passionate leader, identifies ways to manage obstacles, recognizes factors in building trust and relationships, and guides leaders in making decisions. At the end of the course, there’s a summary section that reiterates key concepts and a quiz that will test comprehension and understanding from the previous lessons.

Price: Free

Scope: Overview of being a passionate leader, the importance of personal passion, building trust and relationship, and handling management obstacles

Created by EdApp

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Leadership Training Program #6 - Leading Teams

6. Leading Teams

Leading Teams is an online course available in Corexcel. This course serves as a guide for managers in shaping effective teams, motivating members, and improving performance. This is not only designed for managers but is also applicable in developing leadership skills among members. The objectives of this course include identifying characteristics, as well as challenges of teams, recognizing key motivators for employees, introducing Tuckman’s model of team development, determining qualities of an effective leader, and managing conflicts in teams. Lessons are delivered in a form of videos with complete transcripts and are accessible via web browsers only. It also includes review exercises to reinforce key information. 

Price: $79 USD 

Scope: Empowered teams, Tuckman’s model for teams, conflict management, removing a team member, and leading virtual team

Created by Corexcel

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Leadership Training Program #7 - Managing Leadership Stress

7. Managing Leadership Stress

EdApp offers this free course Managing Leadership Stress. The objective of this course is to support leaders in handling stress. This 3-part course starts by helping you in identifying and visualizing stress triggers which enables you to address them properly. It’s followed by practical ways to manage leadership stress. Then, it concludes with understanding the benefits of practicing mindfulness to create a stress-free environment for leaders. Completing this course enables you to handle challenging or stressful situations with a more positive attitude. 

Price: Free

Scope: Raising mental health awareness, managing leadership stress, and applying mindfulness in the workplace

Created by EdApp

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Leadership Training Program #8 - Leadership Skills for Managers

8. Leadership Skills for Managers

The leadership Skills for Managers course offered by Universal Class aims to ensure that managers are fully equipped with the right leadership skills to be more effective in their roles. This course provides a thorough discussion on the value of being a leader as well as the different leadership styles. It also elaborates on important leadership skills such as problem-solving, organization, time management, emotional management, and communication skills. Universal Class provides a syllabus for each course and lessons are delivered through videos that are only accessible via a web browser. It also includes review articles and exams for each lesson. Upon course completion, a minimum of 70 percent final is required to earn a certification.  

Price: $50 USD (no certification) - $75 USD (with certification)

Scope: Importance of leadership for managers and key leadership skills

Created by Universal Class

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Leadership Training Program #9 - Understanding Behavioral Styles for Managers

9. Understanding Behavioral Styles for Managers

Understanding Behavioral Styles for Managers by NexaLearning is best suitable for management professionals. This course demonstrates ways to recognize different behavioral patterns. It also helps you understand behavior styles, which enable you to interact appropriately and communicate effectively with your employees. Taking the knowledge assessment at the end of the course grants you a certificate of completion. 

Price: $37 USD

Scope: Understanding and recognizing different behavioral styles, improving leadership performance, and practical application of knowledge

Created by NexaLearning

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Leadership Training Program #10 - Stepping into Team Leadership

10. Stepping into Team Leadership

Available for free, EdApp created this Stepping into Team Leadership course for emerging team leaders. This 4-part course illustrates the expectations of a team leader to prepare them for the role, demonstrates the relevance of scoping work and setting expectations, and also includes best practices on team time management and communication with teams. By stepping into a new role with the right knowledge, you’re able to successfully perform your role as a driving force among your team and inspire them as a leader. 

Price: Free

Scope: Expectations of a team leader, Scoping work and setting expectations, team time management, and communicating with your team

Created by EdApp

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Aim for success for you and your teams with leadership training programs

Leadership training programs shape leaders into effective management and development of teams or organizations. Inspiring leaders lead to outstanding business results and motivate employees in bringing out their best. Contrary to popular belief, leaders are not born but are rather created. Leadership skills enable managers to handle teams more efficiently, deal with different challenging situations, create a better work environment for employees, and transform organizations. Keeping your leadership knowledge and skills in check through leadership training programs enables you to improve management styles and foster a better relationship with your employees. 

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