microlearning for corporations

4 Microlearning Applications

Microlearning in corporation training is the most effective LMS strategy to enhance the skills and increase institutional knowledge of employees. Bursts of information drive the most successful learning absorption process, strengthening retention of the three major streams of corporate training; onboarding, upgrading skills and multi-skilling. 

We have pulled together our top four applications of microlearning for the most successful corporate training.

Microlearning Application #1 – Qualitative Assessments

Through interactive mobile learning, employees are able to test their own institutional knowledge through identifying gaps in their learning. Microlearning modules are effective in revealing learning gaps, which are then able to be resolved through elements unique to the modules, such as gamification and spaced repetition.

Microlearning Application #2 – Skill-Boosting Exercises through Gamification

Purposeful interactive challenges mentally stimulate learners, enhancing their engagement and motivation. Through extra incentive, gamification has been proven to engage employees, boost productivity and drive business success. And yes, we do mean badges, levels and leaderboards could be the answer to effective training for corporations.

Microlearning Application #3 – Peer Learning for corporate training

Peer learning is one of the most effective forms of employee training, due to its ability to add an element of relatability to lessons, consequently resulting in an increase in employee engagement. Learning and Development experts agree that peer learning can work as a standalone methodology, as well as amplify existing Learning Management Systems, particularly microlearning. Peer learning allows teaching, context and referencing points to be more relatable to learners, significantly increasing employee engagement, thus improving institutional knowledge retention. The reason why peer learning works dynamically with microlearning for corporation training is predominantly due to the modules being small in size, meaning they can be easily created by the user, with minimal to no assistance.

Microlearning Application #4 – Develop visually appealing lessons

EdApp’s mobile first authoring tool gives you access to an entire library of effective interactive, and visually appealing, lesson templates. Using an effective authoring tool in the design and construction of your corporation training microlearning modules enables you to tailor your lessons to both yours and your employees’ convenience. Expert instructional designers have built templates for the purpose of your convenience, only requiring minutes or hours of your own work, rather than weeks with other authoring tools. Another reason why EdApp is the best authoring tool to use in corporation training is due to its cloud-based software, making the design aspect the easiest it has ever been. It is no coincidence that enterprises love our authoring tool.

Want to know more about how to implement microlearning into your employee training strategy?

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