Spaced Repetition System

Make your training unforgettable

Knowledge retention is one of the biggest challenges learners face when trying to retain information. Until now. Our spaced repetition feature - Brain Boost removes that challenge and makes your training unforgettable.

What is Brain Boost?

Brain Boost is based on the science of spaced repetition. It’s basically a learning hack to help you retain information for longer.

How does it work?

When you review new information at frequent intervals over a certain number of days, you’re 50% more likely to be able to recall that information.

Brain Boost helps learners retain new information for longer with automated, personlized follow-up quizzes. It’ll quiz them on the things they got right but it’ll quiz them on the things they got wrong more frequently - in spaced intervals.

Our spaced repetition app

Set it up with a click of a button:

Brain Boost is free with pro and enterprise and is designed to be as easy as possible to set up. It only takes two minutes.

Our spaced repetition app

Step One

Head to the admin portal under Courseware and click on Brain Boost

Our spaced repetition app

Step Two

Select the courses, lessons or slides you need your team to remember

Our spaced repetition app

Step Three

Hit Boost Slides and we’ll do the rest

Once learners complete the courseware the first time, Brain Boost will trigger a series of follow up quizzes. It’s that easy!

Our spaced repetition app

Automated Delivery

Brain Boost sessions are tailored to each individual learner and delivered using EdApp’s familiar microlearning templates. The timing and content of each session is dependent on the individual and the answers they provided in previous sessions.

Actionable insights

Easily identify the learning gaps for individuals and teams, with granular reporting. You’ll be able to assess the performance of each learner down to a question level to get an understanding of where your teams might need additional support.

Brain Boost: our spaced repetiton app for mobile learning
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