10 Courses to improve your communication skills in the workplace

10 Courses to improve your communication skills in the workplace

Effective workplace communication is essential for almost every workplace process. From the ground employees up to management, every member of the workforce should work on improving their communication skills so that they can reduce conflicts and misunderstandings while improving efficiency and fostering growth. Communication skills need to be learned and continuously updated, so we have 10 of the best communication skills courses for you today.

1. Communication in Project Management Course

If you are looking for a course that will teach you effective ways to know how you can communicate with your team, EdApp’s Communication in Project Management course is for you. After completing the course, you will learn how to write in ways that will effectively communicate your views and ideas for your projects to your team. In addition to effective writing techniques, the course will also teach collaboration tips and techniques that will help you to work effectively with your team, and finally, you will also learn how to properly delegate tasks in ways that allow your team to understand and meet project goals. You’ll also be able to find other great communication & active listening courses from the EdApp course library.
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2. Impactfactory’s Communication Skills Training Course

This communication training course from Impact Factory will teach your employees how communication works by explaining communication elements. It is important to understand the elements of communication and how to effectively use them in the workplace. The course will also cover body language and nonverbal cues. This is a very important topic because the majority of the ways we communicate is through nonverbal cues. There is a communications tool kit included in the skills training course as well. Unfortunately, the course is priced at around 400euros.

Communication Skills Training Course

3. Basic Skills in Constructive Communication Course

This constructive communication course aims to help learners develop interpersonal skills and improve interactions and learn how they can formulate and communicate their thoughts in clear ways to be understood. In some organizations, it is common for processes to take longer than expected because of poor communication between colleagues and leaders, personal relationships also get in the way. The Basic Skills in Constructive Communication course aims to eliminate this wastage of time. This course would be easier to digest if it was available in a microlearning format.

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4. Youth Entrepreneurship – Leadership Skills Course

Entrepreneurship has been the backbone of almost every economy across the world since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, communication has been one of the major challenges that entrepreneurs face. This free course from EdApp aims to help entrepreneurs understand the concept of communication and its importance in their businesses. Entrepreneurs who do the course will develop strong communication skills, both written and oral, that they can use to communicate with their employees and perform effectively in interventions and negotiations. There are many other communication courses from EdApp.
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5. Improving Communication Skills

The course itself is free, but you will need to pay for the certification if you would like to get certified. It is a four-week-long course that has a total of 10 hours worth of material, so it isn’t exactly microlearning friendly. The aim of the course is to help learners develop interpersonal communication at work in order to achieve their goals. The course is fairly comprehensive as it covers things such as when to cooperate instead of when to compete, how to create persuasive messages, how to ask thoughtful questions, and so on. At the end of the course, you should understand what your coworkers want and how to respond to their needs.
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6. Communication Skills in the Workplace Learning Path Course

This communication skills in the workplace course is a very long course that may not be suited for workforces on the go, but it is quite in-depth and outlines ways to improve communication in the workplace, such as adjusting writing styles and how to express thoughts in a clear, concise and efficient manner. In addition to floor level staff training, the course will also help leaders communicate better by teaching successful ways to carry out team meetings and plan and develop presentations effectively. Only a few courses teach communication from a cross-cultural communication point of view, and this is one of them that does.

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7. Teamwork Skills – Communicating Effectively in Groups Course

This communication skills course is a teamwork and group communication-focused course that helps employees to communicate in these situations. Being able to successfully communicate in group scenarios is helpful for both professional and personal success. After completing the course, your workforce will learn how to make better decisions and be more innovative and creative. They will also learn how to manage conflict by working with different group members, negotiating for acceptable outcomes, and very importantly, they will also learn how to communicate in virtual environments in this day and age. If you ask us, the course is a bit long, at around 10 hours.

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8. Communication Skills Training Course

Just like almost all other communication skills training courses, this is one that seeks to help employees develop skills that will, in turn, help them to communicate more effectively. The course covers the purpose of communication and how to improve communication skills along with teaching the methods of communication to employees. Unfortunately, it is not editable.

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9. Workshops for Effective Communication Skills Training Course

We understand that you may be looking for courses that are editable that you can customize to suit the specific needs of your team. So far, only the 1st and 4th courses have this option, and unfortunately, this course from Pollock is not editable either. This workshop for effective communication skills will teach employees how to be more efficient in achieving relational goals and how to turn potential conflicts into opportunities for deeper understanding. One of the unique features of the course is that it teaches how to resolve issues even before they start to grow and fester.

10. Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age

Coursera presents the course, but the University of Toronto offers it. Unfortunately, course creators won’t be able to add useful features such as spaced repetition and microlearning to this course. Learners who take their course will learn how to apply communication principles for both in-person and virtual activities and use a science-based approach to create impactful presentations.


The best course on our list today is the Leadership and Communication course from EdApp that teaches both communication and leadership strategies. One of the main reasons why we like this course is it can be edited by course creators in the editable library on the platform. This is one of many courses from the EdApp that can be totally customized to fit your company’s needs. EdApp is free for you to train your teams – large and small.