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10 Site Safety Management Training Courses

We’ve listed our recommended site safety management training courses that will train your workers to be proactive in creating a safe work site. These courses will guide them on how to carry out their tasks safely and how to properly use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Site Safety Management Training Courses
Last published: 5th September 2023
EdApp Site Safety Management Training Course - Safety in the Workplace

1. Safety in the Workplace

The Safety in the Workplace course by EdApp serves as a template course that you can use to create your site safety management training course. It includes 4 lessons that cover general topics on safety. Firstly, it goes over an introduction to occupational safety and health in the workplace. Then it dives into the common safety topics, such as ways to execute safe lifting, ergonomics, and proper usage of personal protective equipment (PPE). It also provides ways to avoid slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. While this safety program only discusses general safety issues, it can be tailored to suit the specific safety standards for your worksite or industry. With EdApp’s powerful authoring tool, you can easily edit its lessons and add gaming elements like drag-and-drop, sequencing, and matching to make learning fun and engaging for your workers. What’s even greater is that it is completely free of charge, so you can easily get started on your site safety management training! 


  • Safe lifting
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Health safety

Cost: Free

Created By EdApp

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EdApp Site Safety Management Training Course - Scaffold Safety

2. Scaffold Safety 

EdApp’s Scaffold Safety is another site safety management training course created to equip your workers with the knowledge and skills they need to work safely with scaffolding. The first part of the course talks about the different types of scaffolds, including suspended scaffolds and supported scaffolds. It then discusses the different types of scaffolding access like ladders and ramps, which are required when scaffold structures are more than two feet above or below a point of access. Your workers will also learn more about proper capacity and the different types of loads that can affect scaffolds. Some of these loads include dead loads like platforms, edge protection and suspension cables, live loads such as individuals working on the scaffold, and environmental loads like earthquakes, wind, and snow. By the end of their safety training course, learners will be able to protect themselves and their coworkers from scaffold-related hazards.

This course uses a microlearning approach to make key information more digestible, increasing your learners’ knowledge retention. Combined with gamification features for high impact learning, this course becomes more fun and engaging for your learners. 


  • Types of scaffolds
  • Types of scaffold access
  • Scaffold capacity
  • Types of load

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Site Safety Management Training Course - Harnessing

3. Harnessing

Designed specifically for construction workers who are working at heights, EdApp’s free Harnessing course tackles the right harnessing techniques that are essential for site safety. This course discusses the different parts of a fall arrest system used by those working at an elevated level. Some of these fall arrest systems include restraint systems, suspension systems, controlled descent systems, and fixed or portable ladders. It also demonstrates how to inspect harnesses for defects and how to maintain their equipment with proper cleaning and storage. 

As a remote work software, EdApp uses mobile learning solutions for this course, making it easily accessible for learners. This means that workers who don’t have immediate access to desktops and barely have enough time to spare for long training sessions can access their training anytime and anywhere.


  • Fall arrest systems
  • Selection, planning usage, and inspection of harnesses
  • Harness maintenance and storage

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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THORS Site Safety Management Training Course - Safety: Personal Protective Equipment Selection

4. Safety: Personal Protective Equipment Selection

THORS eLearning Solutions offers the Safety: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selection course to guide workers in using the commonly used PPEs in the manufacturing industry. This course illustrates the possible workplace hazards through animation to make it visually engaging. It then helps workers identify the appropriate PPE for different hazardous materials and circumstances, such as safety goggles, face shields, and hard hats. It also explains the limitations of each PPE for a better understanding of your workers. To test your learners' knowledge, it provides an interactive activity in which learners can select a character and choose its appropriate PPE. You can use this course for onboarding training or as a refresher for your workers. 


  • Understanding PPE
  • Hand and body protection
  • Industrial safety programs
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Foot protection

Cost: $140 USD (30-day access)

Created by THORS eLearning Solutions

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EdApp Site Safety Management Training Course - Crane Safety

5. Crane Safety

Also available in EdApp, the Crane Safety course ensures that construction workers are aware of the potential hazards in working with cranes, and helps them understand safety procedures in operating them. This site safety management training course specifically highlights the correct processes of setting up, operating, maneuvering, and inspecting cranes. It also discusses the different strategies they can use to identify crane hazards and all the necessary steps to control and minimize safety risks.

Cranes are an essential tool used in most large construction sites. Because of their size and structure, there are many risks associated with working with this equipment. By deploying heavy equipment operator training online courses like this, you can ensure that your workers have sufficient knowledge in preventing unwanted incidents in the worksite.


  • Crane set-up
  • Operation and inspection
  • Hazard management strategies

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Site Safety Management Training Course - Fall Protection

6. Fall Protection

The Fall Protection course by EdApp is designed to boost your construction workers’ knowledge on basic fall protection and safety measures, and help them prevent accidents while near excavation sites or working from heights at a construction site. Divided into 6 parts, this safety induction course highlights the fall protection training guidelines, workers’ rights, and fall protection systems like guardrails, safety nets, and body harnesses. It also talks about the different safety measures to protect workers from falling objects. Accessible through a desktop or mobile device, your workers have the opportunity to complete their lessons at their own pace. You can even send out automatic push notifications through the app to remind them when a new course is available, ensuring higher completion rates.


  • Introduction to fall protection
  • Conventional systems
  • Falling object protection
  • Worker’s rights

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Site Safety Management Training Course - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction

7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction

A construction site is a high-risk workplace that requires workers to be compliant and wear PPE to protect themselves. EdApp’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction outlines the importance of using PPE, especially for this specific industry. This site safety management training course introduces the various types of PPE used for different activities in the construction industry. It then goes into detail about the right use of hard hats, an essential PPE for workers usually exposed to dangers of falling debris, heavy machinery, impacts, and other hazards like asbestos inhalation. It also allows supervisors to emphasize the importance of hearing conservation and noise-induced hearing loss prevention. 

Built to fit the agile industry of construction, the content of this mini training has been separated into short but more concentrated modules that will only take as little as 5 minutes each to complete.


  • Introduction to PPE
  • Type of PPE
  • Hards Hats
  • Hearing Conservation

Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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BIS Safety Software Site Safety Management Training Course - Confined Space Entry Training

8. Confined Space Entry Training

Offered by BIS Safety Software, the Confined Space Entry Training course is a training program designed for mining workers. It contains general information about the best practices used in many mining industries that require activities, inspections, or maintenance in such restricted areas. Some of the other topics covered here include confined space responsibilities, potential hazards, classification of confined spaces, and entry authorization methods. To mitigate risks of injury or death, your miners will also learn more about personal protective equipment and rescue procedures. 

A quick assessment will be provided upon course completion to ensure knowledge retention. Passing with an 80% or higher score will give you a certificate of completion. 


  • Confined space basics and best practices
  • Responsibilities when working in confined spaces
  • Potential hazards, entry authorization methods
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Rescue procedures

Cost: $89.99 USD

Created by BIS Safety Software

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OSG Site Safety Management Training Course - Working at Heights Training

9. Working at Heights Training

OSG’s Working at Heights Training course is a training course relevant for workers at risk (heights) in a non-construction setting. This course will help you comply with safety regulations and training requirements. It discusses workers’ general responsibilities and the necessary procedures needed to reduce the risk of falls. It also goes over the proper use, inspection, and maintenance of harnesses. After completing their training, learners will be able to identify different fall arrest systems, fall hazards, and controls. Unlike other online courses, you’ll have a maximum of 90 days to complete the required in-person practical assessment if you want to get OSG’s 2-year fall protection certification. 


  • Fall protection and fall arrest systems
  • Fall hazards and controls
  • Equipment inspections
  • Using a harness

Cost: $45 USD

Created by OSG

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OSHAcademy Site Safety Management Training Course - Confined Space Program

10. Confined Space Program

Available in OSHAcademy, the Confined Space Program is designed to guide organizations in understanding the basic requirements under General Industry Standards and confined spaces-specific OSHA regulations. This course defines confined spaces and identifies examples of permit-required confined spaces. It also discusses the atmospheric and non-atmospheric hazards, as well as ways to control them. Lessons on confined space emergencies, rescue plans, and preventive measures are also included.

This course’s modules and practice quizzes are completely available for free. However, certification is only available for purchase and can only be earned by achieving a passing score in the open-book final exam.


  • Confined space basic concepts
  • Atmospheric and non-atmospheric hazards
  • Controlling hazards
  • OSHA standards

Cost: Free

Created by OSHAcademy

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Implement safer operations with site safety management training courses

Simply providing safety equipment isn’t enough for workers involved in working at heights, confined spaces, and other high-risk work sites. It’s equally crucial that they are aware of the dangers in the worksite and that they have the right knowledge and skills to protect themselves and their colleagues. Through site safety management training courses, you can guide your workers on how to carry out their tasks safely and properly. Some examples of site safety management training courses that you can take include lockout, electrical safety, OSHA compliance, fall protection program. Even with years of expertise, it can still be possible to miss out on details that are detrimental to the safety of the site operations. By having an in-depth understanding of site safety management, your workers will be more alert in recognizing potential hazards on the site. You can also ensure that they are up to date with the protocols required by the management and the law. And most importantly, they will know how to protect themselves through proper usage and maintenance of the safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE).

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