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Safety in the Workplace

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About this course

This is an example course on safety compliance you can use as a template for your organisation.

From the author

"The Safety in the Workplace course withholds informative safety compliance info that you can use as a template for your organisation. The course works through four major aspects of safety in the workplace to make a valuable contribution to the efficiency and safe practices in your organisation. Provide this course to your employees for maximum productivity in the safest way possible."

What you will learn

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Safe Lifting
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Slips, Trips and Falls

Safety in the Workplace Lessons

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  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Slips, trips and falls
  3. Personal Protective Equipment
  4. Safe lifting

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Safety in the Workplace course excerpts

Introduction and Overview

An Introduction on how we manage Health and Safety in the workplace

Safety in the Workplace Course - Lesson Excerpt

Overview Tap to view the topics we will be covering over the length of this course. General 'Workplace keeping' Slips, Trips and Falls Personal Protective Equipment Safe lifting

Effective workplace keeping can eliminate any hazards and help get a job done safely and properly.

Poor practices can contribute to many accidents by hiding hazards that cause injuries. If the sight of paper, debris, clutter and spills is accepted as normal, then other more serious health and safety hazards may be taken for granted.

Other examples of important workplace keeping tasks: • Remove nails from timber and stack in appropriate areas. • Operators of plant and equipment must ensure they do not compromise safe access and egress. • People or equipment must be prevented from falling into openings, trenches and from scaffolding, etc. • Scrap and waste material must be removed as soon as practical from work areas. • Keep the floors and walkways free of materials, timber, boxes, equipment and rubbish.

Personal Protective Equipment

The importance of using PPE

Safety in the Workplace Course - Lesson Excerpt


Safe lifting

How to execute an effective and safe lift

Safety in the Workplace Course - Lesson Excerpt

Approaching a Lift Step 1 – Plan for the lift. Consider the task duration, the layout of the work environment and experience of lift participants. Make sure your route is clear.

Approaching a Lift Step 2 – Get in position. Stand close to the load with yout feet apart creating a stable base for lifting.

Approaching a Lift Step 3 – Begin lift Bend at the knees and keep your back straight.

Approaching a Lift Step 4 – Pick up the object Get a firm grip and move the object close to the body.

Approaching a Lift Step 5 - Lift Always lift smoothly (do not jerk). Where possible exert force in a forward or backward motion, as movements such as twisting, bending and overreaching will increase the risk of injury.

Approaching a Lift Step 6 – Manoeuvre the object Always keep arms and load close to your body when turning.

Approaching a Lift Step 7 – Lower the object Use the leg muscles to lower the load. Keep your back as straight as possible. Next we will show you an example of how these steps come together!

An example of how to lift

Before taking the action, what do you need to know when planning a lift?

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Approaching a Lift
Approaching a Lift
Approaching a Lift
Approaching a Lift
Approaching a Lift
Approaching a Lift
Approaching a Lift
Safety in the Workplace


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