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How microlearning is used to upskill staff

On-the-job learning is one of the most important things for employee success in any business. Companies are tasked with the job of constantly upskilling and retraining staff to ensure that they are aware of and can implement changes within their work environment. This large-scale issue is one that a number of companies are using microlearning to solve. Microlearning is used to upskill staff in three key ways.

Microlearning to upskill staff when onboarding

A key issue for any company is the onboarding of staff. The faster staff get up to speed on how to be effective team members, the faster they can add value. This is very much a solution that’s targeted at reducing the overhead of the time taken for a new employee to add value. Depending on the position, a new employee could take anything from a week to a year to become fully-effective in their position.

Microlearning looks to solve this issue by putting effective, small, micro lessons in front of new staff when they are required to learn faster. EdApp also harnesses the power of spaced repetition to boost information retention by consistently refreshing lesson information in employees’ minds. You can see a case study of how this is being used to upskill staff by Pandora here.

Microlearning for product knowledge

Companies that have a large product range and distributed sales teams can receive some of the biggest improvements in efficiency from microlearning delivered by mobile. Consistent information regarding product specifications and branding and sales information can be delivered en masse to teams who are broadly geographically distributed.

For multinationals EdApp offers an automated translation service so your central lesson can be automatically translated across a number of languages and distributed globally in an effort to upskill staff.

Upskill staff with microlearning
Upskill staff with microlearning.

Microlearning for workplace-specific skill-sets

Every workplace has its specific skill-sets that require on-the-job training. No employee arrives on day one with the specific skill-set required of them. Microlearning gives organizations the tools to create specific lessons that are easily updated via a rapid authoring tool.

Lessons can be broken down and sent to specific groups within the organization to ensure granularity in what is learned by each employee. Whether it be compliance for the finance team, cybersecurity for the executive team or product specifications to upskill staff in the sales team. This allows company learning to build specific areas of expertise.

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There are a huge number of other uses of microlearning within organizations. Anywhere that a solution is required to upskill staff, microlearning can be used to reduce overheads and increase efficiency of companies.

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