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Motivating Learners with Real Rewards


February 3, 2017



Motivating Learners with Real Rewards

Ed’s mobile first approach has seen completion rates up to four times the industry norm. With the platforms inbuilt rewards system, you can further drive daily app opens, knowledge and transform your learners’ attitudes toward training.

Now with the addition of Star Bids, we offer several reward solutions to match you with the right fit for both your learners and your market regulations.

This week we look at the games available on Ed and how the use of a successful gamification strategy can transform the learning experience.

What is the Star Bar?

Learners receive Stars throughout the learning experience in return for the accurate demonstration of knowledge to opening the app daily. Taking Ed’s point system one step further, the Star Bar is a where your learners come to play, trading their stars in a reward-based game. All you have to do is select the game your learners are exposed to.

Motivating learners with real rewards - Star bar

What games are available?

At Ed, we understand that there is never one solution for all. We provide multiple options so that you can select the right choice that will best motivate your learners and comply with any market regulations.

Spin to Win

Spin to Win provides learners a forum to play their stars in return for rewards. They can spend 1 star at a time for the chance to win the current prize on offer. The image spins, and if when stopped all four images match, then they are a winner.

The frequency of prizes is determined by Ed’s prizing algorithm, which dynamically updates the probability of winning every 5 minutes. This is calculated on the amount of users who can access the draw, the number of expected plays with the number of prizes available with winners limited to one prize every 7 days.

Motivating learners with real rewards - Spin to win

Star Bids

Star Bids involves no chance or random allocation of prizes. Instead, learners bid on prize with stars earned in return for skill. The learner, who bids the most stars, wins the prize! The learner must decide whether to play it safe and spend tons of stars, or to try their lucky with only a few.

Similar to Spin to Win, Ed automatically spaces out the prizes available over the course of a prize draw. If a prize is not bid on, it is returned to the prize pool and re-listed as a new prize.

Motivating learners with real rewards - Star bids

Lucky Dip

The game mechanics of Lucky Dip are very similar to Spin to Win, luck and a lot of fun. Learners can spend their stars to reveal what’s behind the Ed’s logo. Players wait in suspense to see if they have won a prize… or nothing.

Motivating Learners with real rewards - Luck Dip

What are the benefits and why does it work?

Increase learner motivation & knowledge

As the desire to win prizes grows, learners are motivated to return to content in order to replenish their star cart. Inherently, repeat lesson interaction helps drill in content and knowledge.

Stars are also available to learners as a daily reward for opening the app. Encouraging learners to return to the ‘classroom’ every day increases the exposure they have to content, and creates a learning habit. If a learner does not open Ed in a 24hour period, the opportunity to earn these stars is lost.

Increases learner engagement

When learners know they are going to be rewarded for their learning and efforts, they move from passive observers and turn into active participants. By associating the learning to a more favorable experience through gamification, your learners will more effectively absorb information and commit it to the long-term memory.

Makes it fun and interactive

Similar to a traditional leaderboard, learners can see a live feed of prize-winners. When learners win a prize, Ed prompts its winners to share their experience with fellow team members, either through sharing on social media or a short comment for fellow learners. This real-time feed further encourages active participants and creates a feeling of immersion and community for active participants. The recognition of real-life colleagues winning tangible prizes and the motivational comments left by past winners, further fuels motivation towards training.

Want a more in depth understanding of the technical details behind our Star Bar games or receive recommended prize solutions? Let us know on hello@edapp.com and we will provide you with further details.

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