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Incentivize teams to do training quickly with real rewards

Drive your teams to complete their lessons quickly and accurately with EdApp’s prizing feature. So you can reward good learning behavior.
Real Rewards

Make the top of the leaderboard count

Create a buzz around training with real prizes. Learners complete their training to snag the #1 spot and compete for a prize of your choice – whether that’s $5 for a nearby coffee shop to a new pair of headphones or a voucher for a global brand.

Real rewards

So workplace learning feels more like a game – not work

Watch your learners complete their training in minutes to win prizes.

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Turn passive trainees into active learners

Make learning worth your team’s while. With real prizes available, learners are motivated to repeat lessons to earn all the stars – our virtual currency – available. All while increasing their knowledge retention and engagement.

Turn passive trainees into active learners

Excite your learners with three different ways to win:

Gift grab

Gift grab

Learners spend a star to turn over 4 matching tiles to win

Lucky dip

Lucky dip

Learners click to see whether they are lucky enough to win

Star bids

Star bids

Learners bid on a prize, with the highest bidder winning

Incentivize your teams, no matter where they are

Charity donations. Prizes "to the value of $X". Prepaid credit card

Visit our support page for a full list of international prizing suggestions.

Inspire better learning behavior

Create a culture of learning with real rewards. As learners can see upcoming prizes and earn stars, it incentivizes them to repeat lessons regularly. This helps them remember newly learned concepts and make learning a habit.

Win stars to win prices

Automatically deliver real rewards to your team

Set your reward and let our algorithm do the rest. Prizes are awarded automatically based on how many are available and how long the prize draw is running. So your teams are continually motivated when you need them to be.

Motivate your team with rewards

EdApp has given Mizuno the opportunity to motivate learners with leaderboards and real prizing. It creates a bit of competition among learners and inspires really high performers to perform better. And better yet – our learners love it.

Sally James, Marketing Manager at Mizuno

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device – all for free.

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