Enterprise Learning & Authoring

Enterprise Learning & Authoring

Authoring tools are software programs which assist in the creation of effective mobile learning modules. Also known as your essential key to enterprise success. If you’re not sure how to make authoring tools work for enterprise learning, you’re about to find out. 

One of microlearning’s great elements is its quick consumption through the use of a good authoring tool. They’re interactive, utilise gamification, give access to a vast library of templates, and are an easy-to-use tool for content creation.

Enterprise success requires employees to be well-educated in the processes and products of the company, with ample knowledge of business and personal objectives. This is why authoring tools are particularly useful for onboarding employees, as well as ongoing training, to contribute to the knowledge and creation of goals for staff and enterprise as a whole.

The Establishment of Enterprise Learning Objectives

The specification of learning objectives is important when considering the best authoring tool for your enterprise and employees. This is because the elements of the tool must suit the wants and needs of your employees in order to instil in them a sense of intrinsic motivation. When employees are motivated and feel valued, hey assist in achieving desired training objectives and outcomes. EdApp’s authoring tool for enterprise entails a built-in template library, also giving the ability to enterprises to add in personal branding and theming, further contributing to establishing and articulating objectives.

Adopting Rapid Enterprise Learning & Authoring Tools

Using a rapid authoring tool means you can develop and update course material and content within hours, shifting from what was traditionally weeks or months. A cloud-based authoring tool, such as EdApp, means content can be delivered to learners within a matter of seconds, all from a central system. This type of authoring tool for enterprise allows employees to complete their courses on their own accord, submitting each module as they progress through the course.

Effective and Efficient Design Features

Effective and efficient design features make it easy to engage employees, boosting productivity, thus contributing to the overall success of your enterprise. This encompasses mobile e learning templates which produce effective formatting and layout leading to employees being able to access the microlearning modules on their mobile devices whenever and wherever desired.

The Use of a Progress Driven Enterprise Learning & Authoring Tool

Authoring tools must be progress driven in order to keep employees motivated as they progress through various microlearning modules. Absorbing new knowledge in chunks is the most effective way for employees to build on existing institutional knowledge instantly. The gamification of EdApp’s authoring tool make employees want to continue to learn more and more.


Want to implement an authoring tool in your enterprise?

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