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Download Your Free Excavator Training Manual PDFs (Or Give These A Try...)

We’ve compiled the best excavator training manual PDF files that will teach your team about the specifics of the excavator and some tips on how to operate it safely and efficiently. But if you’re not happy sharing these boring and monotonous training files to your team, you can also use EdApp to transform them into engaging interactive microlearning courses. 

Excavator Training Manual
Excavator Training Manual - Convert with EdApp

Convert excavator training manual into interactive lessons!

Operating an excavator isn’t easy. Your team needs to be fully trained on how to drive excavators to increase their productivity and reduce potential workplace accidents and downtime. 

While sharing excavator training manuals with your team is a good idea, these files are often boring and very tedious to read. Pro tip – transform them into engaging and interactive microlearning lessons that your operators can easily follow and conveniently take any time they prefer. 

Introducing EdApp, where transforming manuals is a breeze with just a few clicks and zero technical expertise required.

Build your free excavator training manual today!

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