Hospitality Employee Training Platform

Access mobile training that covers the latest trends in guest relations, procedures and compliance policies can keep your learners in step with a constantly evolving hospitality industry.

Training in the hospitality industry has always presented some major challenges. Many employees often don't have desks or corporate computers, and in the case of seasonal hotels or resorts, problems are amplified by the fact that closing for several months of the year can create a vaccum where employee habits can digress. With EdApp's mobile first approach, issues like these no longer have to be roadblocks in your training program; training becomes accessible for all employees with a smart phone, and they can pick up and continue training on the go without having to visit a specified location on property. Employees can receive and complete training, even before they first step foot on site.

Our Hospitality Training Platform elearning awards

Having mobile-accessible content allows for Campari Academy Onlineā€™s success to continue, despite the obvious challenges that COVID-19 has brought on. This gives us the opportunity to help build up the hospitality industry during this taxing time.
Phillip Versteegen, Commercial Capabilities Manager - Asia, Campari
Agile authoring to keep employees up to date on ever-changing industry trends with our hospitality employee training platform

Agile authoring to keep employees up-to-date on new industry trends.

Gamification and prizing rewards keeps learners motivated with our hospitality employee training platform

Gamification and real prizes to keep learners motivated for continual hospitality training.

Our hospitality employee training platform has a template library with over 80 different slide templates

Over 80 templates to build your lessons for an easy authoring experience.

The #1 Authoring Tool is with our hospitality employee training platform

The #1 Authoring Tool for Hospitality Training

The hospitality industry is known to be ever-changing, and employers are frequently faced with the need to identify faster ways to inform their staff of current trends and changes. Using our authoring tool, you can design up-to-date, branded, and engaging microlearning with our cloud-based course authoring tool. With EdApp's interactive and template-driven authoring approach, you don't start with a blank page. Just choose the responsive template that suits your learning objective and add your content.

Microlearning Principles

EdApp is based on short bursts of information-rich learning to help employees take advantage of micromoments in their day. Micromoments can include a range of things like completing a lesson while grabbing a coffee or between meetings. The scope of the hospitality industry is broad and many employees need to receive time-intensive training in a wide range of topics, from policies and regulation, to food and beverage training, to customer service and front desk protocol. A few lessons on EdApp will optimise their time spent learning.

Microlearning Principles embedded within our hospitality employee training platform
Active Learning & Hospitality Training

Active Learning & Hospitality Training

Active learning means learners genuinely engage with their content. Instead of passively making their way through lessons, learners are presented with fun challenges to solve, which is perfect for training regarding Guest Relations because it often involves many guest scenarios which learners need to know how navigate. Active learning like this stimulates thought and engagement with your material, and is clinically proven to result in significantly increased message retention.

Fully Customized Hospitality Training Content

We understand the importance of branding within the hospitality industry. The EdApp authoring tool uses a simple drag and drop template structure that allows you to put together fully branded microlearning in minutes. Upload your company's logo, images and videos right into your lessons to truly customize your training. Each template is a highly brand immersive experience, and you have the ability to fully customize each template by lesson or course to feature your branding, logo and creative direction.

Fully Customized Hospitality Training Content
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