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10 Hotel Training Programs

We’ve created a list of 10 most recommended hotel training programs designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of your hotel workforce and ensure that they deliver the best guest service possible. Some of the topics covered include cleaning and sanitizing facilities, COVID-19 safety practices for hotels, hotel housekeeping inspection, and promoting sustainable tourism. Consult our list below. 

Hotel Training Programs
Last published: 22nd March 2023
EdApp Hotel Training Program - COVID-19 Safety for Hotels

1. COVID-19 Safety for Hotels

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the daily operations of most hotels and resorts . As they start to reopen, these businesses have scrambled to provide the safest accommodation for their guests while also ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation throughout their stay. To lend a helping hand, EdApp has developed its hotel training program on COVID-19 Safety for Hotels, which outlines the best practices and safety strategies that each of your hospitality staff—from desk staff to valet—can follow. Here, they will gain a deeper understanding of COVID-19 and how it spreads and learn general respiratory etiquette that they must abide by at all times. It will also guide them through the recommended procedures for cleaning and housekeeping in the times of COVID-19, keeping your guests safe while in public areas, and serving them food and beverages without risking any contamination. 

This course only contains 5 microlearning lessons that your employees can take and complete within minutes and not days or weeks. This is perfect for the busy schedule of your hotel employees, who barely have enough time to spare for training. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Overview of COVID-19, safety procedures for housekeeping, keeping guests safe in public areas, and serving of food and beverages

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Hotel Training Program - Cleaning and Sanitizing in Hospitality

2. Cleaning and Sanitizing in Hospitality

In the wake of COVID-19, the importance of keeping optimal hotel hygiene and sanitation cannot be overstated. EdApp’s Cleaning and Sanitizing course will train your hotel housekeepers on how they can properly disinfect and clean areas of high concern, like restrooms, dining areas, and public spaces. They will also learn the difference between cleaning and sanitizing, the set of tools and protective equipment they need for cleaning, and how to spot-clean high-touch surfaces. This course also contains a helpful guide to working with disinfectant sprays, wipes and mops, and bleach-based cleaning solutions to clean unsanitary elements. 

This course concludes with a quick assessment, delivered in the form of games like multiple choice, drag to match, reorder, and missing word. This can help assess their learning progress and ensure that the information has been retained successfully in their memory. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Cleaning vs sanitizing, cleaning and servicing restrooms, dining areas, and public areas.

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Hotel Training Program - Hotel Housekeeping Inspection

3. Hotel Housekeeping Inspection

Hotel Housekeeping Inspection is a free hotel training program offered by EdApp. This 3-part course provides guidelines and best practices for inspecting guest hotel rooms, bathrooms, and corridors, ensuring standard sanitation and excellent service that will leave a good impression on the guests. It serves as a great onboarding learning material for introducing your hotel’s housekeeping policies and standards to the new hires, although it can also be used as a refresher training for existing housekeepers. 

It only contains 4 lessons, with its content delivered into short nuggets, so it’s easier to comprehend and complete. EdApp’s mobile-first approach also makes the learning process easier for your hotel employees since they can take and complete the course anytime and anywhere. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Room inspection, bathroom inspection, and corridor inspection

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Hotel Training Program - Guest Experiences

4. Guest Experiences

EdApp’s course on Guest Experience is an online hotel training program that’s focused on ways to provide guests with the best experience possible. As you move through the lessons, you’ll gain insight into topics like breaking the ice, creating a welcoming atmosphere, personalizing guest experiences, delivering consistent service, and managing issues and complaints. By reinforcing these key basic skills in interacting with your guests, you’re able to create a more accommodating culture in your hotel. The microlearning approach on this course also makes key information more digestible, which helps improve their knowledge retention. Combined with gamification features, the lessons are more fun and engaging for your learners. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Creating great guest experiences, personalized guest service, service with consistency, managing issues and complaints

Created by EdApp

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Alison Hotel Training Program - English for Tourism - Hotel Reception and Front Desk

5. English for Tourism

Alison’s hotel training program was designed specifically for hotel receptionists and front desk staff, aiming to improve not only their English language but also their communication skills. Since they create the first and final impressions for your guests, they must know how to politely greet guests, give directions, and offer them help whenever needed. This course will teach them essential conversational techniques, like answering hotel inquiries, checking a guest in and out of the hotel, moving luggage, accommodating reservations, and bidding them a proper farewell to improve guest satisfaction. They will also learn how to handle and resolve complaints while maintaining professionalism. This training program is free, but you will have to pay for a shareable certificate.

Cost: Free

Scope: Importance of English language for hotel and tourism, answering inquiries, reservations, and complaints, managing check-ins and check-outs

Created by Alison

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Typsy Hotel Training Program - Interacting with Guests

6. Interacting with guests

If you’re aiming to secure strong and meaningful relationships with your guests upon lodging, then you’ll find this Typsy course extremely useful. Here, your team will learn the fundamental practices of interacting with guests and techniques for successfully establishing rapport with them, like remembering their names and assessing their primary needs and preferences. She will also provide you with some tricks to upscale your conversational skills, alongside recommendations of the things that must be avoided when interacting with your guests. This course is delivered through a 49-minute video that can be shared with any of your hotel employees, from supervisors to housekeepers. 

Cost: $99.99 USD/ year (Subscription basis)

Scope: Establishing rapport with guests, tricks to remember guest names, how to assess your guests’ needs, tips to improve the conversation, what to avoid when interacting with guests

Created by Typsy

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Coursera Hotel Training Program - Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue and Demand Management Specialization

7. Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue and Demand Management Specialization

Coursera’s Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue and Demand Management Specialization course explores the potentials of online travel agents and how you can work with them to improve your hotel’s distribution strategy. It will introduce you to the fundamentals of revenue management and demand management, as well as the tools and techniques that you can use to make informed decisions in managing your hotel demand and increase occupancy rate. This course comes with a series of lectures from hotel industry experts and leaders all over the world. Upon competition, you’ll earn a certificate that you can share with your prospective clients and professional network. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Fundamentals of hotel distribution, the cornerstone of revenue strategy, demand management

Created by Coursera

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eCornell Hotel Training Program - Hospitality Management

8. Hospitality Management

This course by eCornell targets hotel managers and supervisors aiming to champion the management of every hotel function—from the front of the house to the back. This program taps on a diverse range of content, like the basics of hotel revenue management and its benefits to the entire organization, the role of the marketing team, and the principles of financial statements. It also covers topics like strategies for building guest loyalty and transforming teams into high-functioning departments, generating positive outcomes for your company. This training program is 100% online, although you will need at least three months to finish it. 

Cost: Available upon request

Scope: The basics of financial management, how to build high-performing teams, marketing planning and management, introduction to hotel revenue management, building guest loyalty, different hotel operations

Created by eCornell

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EdApp Hotel Training Program - Teamwork in the Hospitality Industry

9. Teamwork in the Hospitality Industry

Teamwork is the key to all business success. This is especially true in the hospitality industry, where a well-coordinated team will bring your hotel’s guest service to the next level and will benefit the bottom line of your business. This EdApp course aims to inspire your hotel employees to work together and align their team goals and motivations to maximize their productivity. It will provide them with insights into what teamwork entails when working in the hospitality industry and how they can benefit from it, personally and professionally. As they progress through the course, they will also learn some practical skills to improve their teamwork in the workplace and gain tips on how they can communicate effectively with their team. 

This course is completely free and ready to be deployed to your team. If needed, you can also use EdApp's authoring tool to edit this course’s content and add strategies that are unique to your business.

Cost: Free

Scope: Importance of teamwork in the hospitality industry, teamwork in practice, communicate effectively in your team

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Hotel Training Program - Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism

10. Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism

EdApp's online hotel training program–Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism–is geared towards helping your staff, develop the skills needed to provide excellent service and handle different customer service situations. This course explains the importance of customer service skills and further elaborates the best ways for greeting guests in a hotel or restaurant. Then, it concludes with a lesson on dealing with some of the common customer complaints in the hospitality industry. With the hotel industry being highly competitive, a hotel's edge amongst its competitors is the quality of service to its customers, which this course can help on.

Cost: Free

Scope: Importance of customer service skills, greeting guests, responding to complaints

Created by EdApp

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Improve your hotel operations with hotel training programs

Hotel industries require a skilled workforce that can keep up with this fiercely competitive environment and make sure that your company stays on the cutting edge. On top of your greatly furnished rooms and modern amenities, you will greatly benefit from a strong team that can provide your guests with warm and accommodating service that will linger in their minds for a long time. Leaving your visitors with an unforgettable stay will convince them to keep booking your hotel in the future, and even more, suggest your place to their friends and colleagues. So, if you’re a hotel owner or manager with a vision of growing and achieving long-term success in this industry, it’s needless to say that investing in hotel training should be your top priority.

Hotel Training Programs FAQs

What is the importance of hotel training programs?

Hotel training programs allow workers to improve their hospitality skills and in return, increase customer satisfaction. It’s a huge return on investment as guests are more likely to book a hotel and return to it when they’re happy with the level of service.

What are some important hotel training topics?

Create an excellent hotel experience for your guests with these hotel training topics:

  • Hotel front desk training
  • Housekeeping training
  • Foodservice training
  • Basic bartending training
  • Tourism training

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