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Hotel Housekeeping Inspection

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About this course

This course for hotel housekeepers to ensure that hotel rooms and corridors are spotless.

Hotel Housekeeping Inspection Lessons

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  1. Room Inspection
  2. Bathroom Inspection
  3. Corridor Inspection
  4. Sources

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Hotel Housekeeping Inspection course excerpts

Room Inspection

Ensure that the guest room is up to standard before your guests arrive.

Hotel Housekeeping Inspection Course - Lesson Excerpt

You should survey the beds and coverings...

Beds should be made with neat and straight bedspreads, as well as fluffed and even pillows.

Lift the spread to see that the beds have been made properly. The bedspreads should be free of rips and stains.

The headboard should be aligned with the wall.

Check under the bed for any rubbish.

Run an eye over the furnishings...

Furniture should be free from dust, dirt, scratches and stains. It should be neat and straight.

Check if all the drawers in cabinets are clean and slide out properly.

Lamp shades should be straight, with the seams facing the wall.

Drapes should open and close smoothly, and be clean. They should be left closed, with hooks in place.

Walls should be clean and free of cobwebs, scratches and nicks.

Don't forget to check that the telephone and the television are both clean and working properly.

Which of the following applies to the drapes?

Lastly... Do a general check that everything is orderly, including mirrors, luggage racks and picture frames.

Bathroom Inspection

Make certain that the guest bathroom is clean and ordered.

Hotel Housekeeping Inspection Course - Lesson Excerpt

Bathroom Inspection This lesson will help you to ensure that the guest bathroom is clean and ordered before they arrive.

*Firstly, start with inspecting the toilet... *

Check the amenities.

Finally, check behind the door that a clothes hook is present. There should also be a fresh supply of towels.

Corridor Inspection

Occasional checking of a hotel corridor's cleanliness is necessary to maintain a great impression.

Hotel Housekeeping Inspection Course - Lesson Excerpt

Corridor Inspection

Corridors are cleaned once a day, but intermittent checking for cleanliness is still necessary.

Then, inspect the fittings, artwork frames and skirting boards for dust or grime. Check the lightbulbs and replace if necessary. Check the air supply vents and sprinklers for dust and proper functioning.

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Hotel Housekeeping Inspection


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