Gartner Data

Why EdApp Meets the Needs of HR Leaders, According to Gartner

New data from Gartner, in Gartner 2019 Future of HR, illustrates why EdApp’s product meets the needs of HR leaders globally. 

How is HR success achieved?

In order to achieve corporate objectives, social and professional attributes must be accounted for in a holistic approach to fulfilling employee expectation. Data from Gartner 2019 Future of HR is exemplary of the idealistic outcomes of effective employee training. The most successful form of training revolves around microlearning modules, such as those formulated by EdApp’s unique authoring tool.

Why is EdApp perfect for HR success?

Figure 1 highlights the top 10 CHRO key initiatives for 2019, leading with the formation of critical skills and competencies within an organisation. The basis of EdApp’s microlearning LMS is to enhance the skill sets of employees for the effective deployment of their roles in the company’s drive to success.

Fig. 1. Gartner 2019 Future of HR

Why EdApp’s Authoring Tool is the Best for Corporate Success

EdApp’s cloud-based authoring tool is based on the development of effective and engaging microlearning modules for the benefit of employees and corporate processes. HR success stems from five major aspects which we have compiled below.

1. Easily accessible information

A mobile-based LMS enables information to be shared amongst hundreds of employees instantly through a cloud-based delivery system. Individuals are able to access course content on their own mobile device of choice, tailoring learning to the needs and preference of employees. This makes employee training more appealing, enabling an enhanced sense of motivation.

2. Enhanced interconnectivity

Interconnectivity is facilitated through mobile learning, as employees are able to communicate through the incorporation of gamification. This allows for a sense of healthy competition to be embraced by employees, instilling extrinsic motivation in employees to continue to complete their training.

3. Increased flexibility

Given that information is released to learners in small bursts, employee training can be completed on-the-go, whether it is on their commute to and from work, or in the waiting room for that appointment, or on the weekend.

4. Engaging content design

The aesthetic of content is important for the engagement and productivity of employees. EdApp’s authoring tool allows users access to a vast library of ready-made templates, curated for the boosted motivation in employees. This also makes it significantly easier for employers to design engaging content.

5. A solution to travellers’ problems

Mobile technology is also beneficial to travelling employees, where they may not have time to complete their training in one place. EdApp’s new offline mode means that employees can pre-download lessons to then complete without internet access. In other words, employees essentially stay plugged in after plugging out.


Want to implement an mLearning authoring tool?

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