First Data-Driven Learning Platform

First Data-Driven Learning Platform

EdApp was the first learning platform on the market to introduce Machine Learning into authoring with the release of our language translation module that provides the live translation of courseware into more than 100 languages within a few clicks.

Data driven authoring is our next revolutionary move in the further advancement of microlearning.

Released today across the platform, authors will see live usage data associated with each template in our unique template library. This allows authors live insights into template choice not only from their own courseware, but the work of the entire EdApp author community, facilitating for the first time the construction of material based on real data insights.

We also say hello to several new other features within this release.

First Data-Driven Learning Platform Feature #1 – Template Activity

A template activity sidebar is now available for authors to be aware of what is currently trending in real-time, enabling users to see what learners are finding most engaging and appealing, allowing them to further understand the needs and preferences of their learners.

First Data-Driven Learning Platform Feature #2 – Favorites

Templates can now be sorted into a favorites/most used category accessible from a new menu tab. Simply click the star icon below the template thumbnail to add it to your favorites library.

First Data-Driven Learning Platform - games

First Data-Driven Learning Platform Feature #3 – Search Feature

The new search feature enables users to find any template in the library with ease. Template thumbnails have been updated to reflect our more modern approach to learning. 

First Data-Driven Learning Platform Feature #4 – New Color Scheme

We’ve designed a fusion of the dark pallet with an opaque gradient that blends into the template thumbnail category background. 

We hope you enjoy this new release. It is another step on our journey to improve the learning experience for both author and learner.

First Data-Driven Learning Platform Feature #5 – driven learning platform

Check out EdApp’s other interactive microlearning templates here. If you want to learn more about EdApp’s mobile-focused LMS and authoring tool,get in touch at You can also try EdApp’s Mobile LMS for free by signing up here.