Microlearning Templates

Our template gallery boasts close to 80 intuitively designed microlearning templates that are suited to a diverse set of learning methodologies. Explore some of those templates here.

microlearning template - Content


Microlearning Content templates are perfect for transferring knowledge and introducing new content to your learners for the first time.

microlearning template - Concepts


Reinforce singular concepts by having your learners recreate and filter statements.

microlearning template - Multiple Choice Question

Multiple Choice Question

Reinforce key concepts by having learners identify the correct answer from a pool of options.

microlearning template - Numbers


Ask number-based questions with microlearning templates designed from the ground up for numerical reinforcement.

microlearning template - Relationships


Reinforce the connections between related concepts with relationship templates.

microlearning template - Games


Deliver rapid-fire questions about any subject to reinforce concepts for learners.

microlearning template - Survey Templates

Survey Templates

Gather feedback from learners about your lessons. Have them add ratings or offer suggestions for future lessons.

microlearning template - Advanced


These microlearning templates allow you to take your lessons further by unlocking advanced features for presenting your content.

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