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Corporate Learning & Your Sales Staff

Mobile learning is used for a plethora of purposes, including that of optimally educating your sales staff. We have gathered four of the most effective things you can teach your sales staff with mobile learning.

1. Compliance Training

Compliance training is generally unpopular amongst employees, due to its thick content and boring nature. In light of this, the engagement rate significantly reduces to the point where there may not be any point at all in setting up compliance training in the first place. Given its necessary position in the overall success of your company, we have made compliance training the easiest it has ever been with the use of microlearning lessons. The division of information into small chunks, facilitating positive connotations surrounding compliance training. Employees can complete their training in 10-minute intervals, presented in small bursts for maximum knowledge retention.

2. Floor Training

Due to sales staff being continually on the move, it is sometimes difficult to set time aside for employee training. Mobile learning provides an instant solution to the obstacle, where sales staff are able to access information on their own mobile device, regardless of timing and location.

3. Onboarding Training

Onboarding is a crucial point in the education of employees, where company objectives are instilled in learners’ minds. Within this period, employers aim to translate the company climate and strategy to employees for maximum engagement with the content, often promoting increased productivity and long-term employment. Due to the presence of vast roles within the company, training must be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of employees. This means that any gaps in employee learning can be bridged with reinforcement of information that the specific employee is not certain on. These effective onboarding programs become the basis of what employees understand to be their primary roles and responsibilities during their time at the company.

4. Product Training

Knowledge of products must be intricate and extensive for successful sales. Employees must understand the product and its features, enhanced through the use of corporate mobile learning. Employees are able to access their product training wherever and whenever suits them from their own device. This becomes an incentive for learners to increase their knowledge-building, as well as being of assistance to those unable to attend workshops or those who benefit from on-the-job learning.

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