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Corporate Training Tools

Training? Easy? No, we’re not kidding ourselves, just being honest. Mobile learning (mLearning) authoring tools provide essential steps for making corporate training just that little bit easier.

mLearning authoring tools are responsible for the development of effective and engaging microlearning modules, with the aim to offer employees as much knowledge about corporate processes as possible, whilst maintaining short lessons.

A good authoring tool harbors a multitude of elements such as:

Easily accessible information

A mobile LMS allows shared information to be instantly accessed, further enhanced by a cloud-based authoring tool, like EdApp’s. Information can be accessed through microlearning course modules at anytime and anywhere, on their own mobile device. This tailors learning to employees’ needs, becoming instantly more appealing, thus instilling motivation.

Enhanced interconnectivity with your corporate traiinng tools

mLearning authoring tools foster the development of interconnectivity amongst employees and corporate teams. Corporate training is enhanced as employees are able to communicate with each other, pushing a shift from traditional social networking to networking via technological devices. This is also facilitated by the incorporation of gamification, introducing healthy competition amongst employees to achieve the best result.

Increased flexibility

Authoring tools make corporate training significantly more flexible, given an authoring tool that can deploy to mobile devices employees can access mobile lessons where information is translated in small bursts. Traditional learning methods are being broken, whilst, simultaneously, technology continues to progress. As a result, face-to-face interactions are becoming more uncommon and mobile technology development is giving rise to increased flexibility in corporate training, suiting the needs and preferences of employees.

Engaging content design

Content design is an important aspect of microlearning module success for effective corporate training. Engaging content design lies in the ability of instructional designers to create content in a way which boosts the productivity and motivation in employees. EdApp’s authoring tool provides you with an intricate library of carefully curated templates, making lesson design easier than ever.

A solution to travellers’ problems

It can be difficult for employees-on-the-go to complete ongoing company training, which is why mobile learning is the answer to many of their potential problems. Mobile technology is built to reach people in locations near and far, meaning knowledge can be gained by everyone, boosting company success.

Want to learn more about the best authoring tool to make corporate training easy?

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