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Create a culture of knowledge sharing with peer learning

More than half of employees will turn to a peer first. Make sharing knowledge part of your team’s workplace learning with in-built social and peer learning.
EdApp's social en peer learning features

Make learning a real-time experience

Put connection and information at your team’s fingertips. With in-built social and peer learning features, your team can easily connect with each other to ask questions, clarify information, and problem solve when they need it.

Real-time experience

Drive impact with peer and social learning

Make learning from your team’s experts part of your learning strategy with social and peer learning features

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Drive retention and depth of understanding

Put your team’s learning to work. Learners are more likely to retain knowledge when they have to discuss, implement, and explain it to others. With in-built peer and social learning, your team can learn from each other alongside their training.

Average retention rate

Coach your team in the open

Lead when you need to. Admins can provide feedback on Assignments publicly and join Discussions at any time to create an open learning environment. So your team can learn from their team members’ successes and mistakes.

Learners express themselves with video, images or audio files

Collect real-time insights from learners

Find out what works – and what doesn’t with Discussions. Uplift your team’s ideas and practical tips with this forum-style feature, where learners can easily share knowledge with you and their peers in text, image, and video.

Discussions - EdApp forum style feature

Verify your digital training with in-person assessments

Assess and track your in-person assessments in the same place as your digital training with Practical Assessments. So you can be sure your teams are doing tasks correctly. No spreadsheets required.

Assess your team with EdApp' Practical Assessment feature

Identify knowledge gaps early

Half of the battle of workplace learning is making sure that your teams understand key concepts correctly. With in-built peer and social learning, learners can share what they understood and receive tailored feedback in real-time.

Identiry knowledge gaps with EdApp's Assignments feature

Create a space for learners to test out new learnings

Practice makes perfect. Create a safe environment for your team members to discuss, implement, and explain new knowledge. So they can make sure they understood new information before implementing it in their day-to-day work.

Create a space where learners can test their learnings

Built for the way we work now

Create connection no matter where your teams are. With peer and social learning, your teams can help each other whether they’re at the office or remote. So you can keep trust and morale high.

Create a conection no matter where your team is

Colgate-Palmolive values EdApp’s single sign-on capabilities, discussion, and assignments, along with the social learning element, which has enabled us to elevate the way people learn.

Ekta Lall Mittal, Learning Technology & Analytics Manager at Colgate-Palmolive

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device – all for free.

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