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We’ve handpicked free forklift training manual samples that you can use to train your new and existing forklift operators. Convert them into beautiful microlearning courses to provide your learners with the best learning experience!

Free Forklift Training Manual
Free Forklift Training Manual - EdApp convert to microlearning courses

Transform your forklift training manual into sleek, interactive lessons within minutes for free!

If you’re seeking to improve your dull, tedious training, then it’s time to say goodbye to your old forklift training manual.

Step out of the box and start exploring the world of mobile microlearning with EdApp! Save valuable company time by using our course creator tool to transform your forklift manuals into sleek, interactive microlearning courses.

By using a microlearning strategy, your team of forklift drivers can complete their forklift training and learn how to drive a forklift in five minutes or less. Plus, our mobile-friendly format is perfect for on-the-go training. 

By taking advantage of EdApp’s microlearning solutions, you can rest assured that your workforce is going to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge of forklift safety.

Stay confident that your crew can safely operate forklift trucks and avoid forklift-related injuries and incidents every time.

Build your free forklift training manual today!

EdApp is easy to use and free for you and your team. No credit card required.

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