LMS Integration

Integrating the best features of EdApp into your current learning system means you don’t have to start from scratch.

Use Ed in parallel with your existing LMS

Deploying a new LMS can be a daunting task.
Ed helps you easily integrate our unique mobile first platform into your current solution.

Our powerful API allows you to deliver a completely modern and mobile first learning experience, while sending all user data and analytics back to your current platform.

We also support Single-Sign-On (SSO), so your users can seamlessly access Ed without the need for additional authentication or user management.

SSO Integration

SSO (or Single-Sign-On) is the ability of EdApp to identify users through an external Identity Provider, or IDP. Instead of registering on the app throughan invite code or invitation email, users are directed to their company identity portal, fill in their company login details, and are redirected back to EdApp. This enables a user to log in to multiple systems via a single portal. On EdApp's side a user is internally created to match the user's details sent back from the IDP

We support SSO integration through SAML 2.0. This allows us to integrate with well-known Identity providers such as Azure Active Directory and Okta.

Web hook integrations

EdApp has an extensive public API that can be used to implement integrations with a variety of different applications out of the box. We support web hooks which you can utilize to receive custom call backs when events are triggered.

LRS Integration

As part of our extensive public API EdApp provides an xAPI statement. Our xAPI statement can be imported into an LRS to easily access and interpreta user’s learning experience.

Refresh your LMS

Today’s employees demand a modern user experience in all aspects of their life, not just outside of work hours.

If Apple or Google sets the standard for ease of use, that is what employees expect everywhere, including at  work.

Ed allows you to bring this progressive approach to your learners without replacing your legacy LMS. The platform presents information that can be absorbed quickly and efficiently, any time, any place. What’s more, its agile content authoring and content delivery systems mean that you can make updates and changes to your content in seconds, secure in the knowledge that your learners will always have the latest information, right at their fingertips.

Start integrating today

You can move forward without replacing your current LMS. Integrate our modern learning platform into your current learning solution to breathe new life into your learning.

Find our API documentation or feel free to contact us for any more information to assist with integration.

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